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Tenderloin may sound like a strange name for a neighborhood, but you better believe that is indeed the name of the area. Interestingly enough, Tenderloin takes its name from a neighborhood in New York. The two shared a lot in common at the time the name was moved over to be shared with a portion of San Francisco.

Tenderloin is just one of the neighborhoods in San Francisco that you can consider moving to. If you do choose to move to Tenderloin, you’ll be pleased to discover a neighborhood that is rich in diversity. Some people feel that Tenderloin isn’t the most glamorous neighborhood in the world. Others will tell you that it has plenty of charm.

In terms of things to do and places to go, Tenderloin doesn’t offer a ton in the way of museums and similar points of interest. What it does have are a lot of restaurants and bars. If you want to experience the culinary diversity of San Francisco, Tenderloin will absolutely blow you away. If you want to visit some dive bars with unique atmospheres, Tenderloin is going to be one of the neighborhoods you absolutely have to visit.

And in case you’re wondering, Tenderloin also gets its name from the way it’s shaped.

Some of the more famous streets to be found in Tenderloin include Geary Street, Post Street, and Sutter Street. Simply put, if you want to get off the beaten path, Tenderloin is perfect.

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