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The most densely populated city in California, San Francisco has a culture that is hard to find anywhere else in the world. With residents from all over the United States as well as the world calling San Francisco home, this amazing city plays host to countless international shopping retailers, parades, and interesting architecture. With 837,000+ residents calling it home, this “City by the Bay” has quite the history and reputation.

With habitation dating back to 3,000 BCE, what is now San Francisco began as a few separate fishing villages, gradually growing into the massive city we recognize today. Playing a popular role throughout the California gold rush and also known for earthquakes and fires, living in San Francisco is a rewarding and at times challenging experience. In addition, San Francisco is known for being a center for the hippie countercultural movement, gay rights, and the peace movement.

No trip to San Francisco is complete with seeing two of the most iconic images in the U.S. The Golden Gate Bridge stands as one of the longest suspension bridges in existence. An iconic symbol colored in red, the Golden Gate Bridge is near another amazing attraction, Alcatraz. Home to convicts and starring a lead role in both older and newer movies, the abandoned prison island of Alcatraz continues to inspire curiosity and wonder from all who tour it.

San Francisco is also well known for having excellent weather during the summer. With cool summers, people living in the city quickly get used to fog, and occasionally rain. In addition, the steep rolling hills around the city allow for excellent hikes and amazing views.

Also known as the “Paris of the West,” San Francisco plays host to cuisine and clothing outlets from around the world. Ranging from some of the best names in fashion to some of the smallest Japanese street fashions, San Francisco has something for every fashion taste.

One part of San Francisco’s success comes from the incredible number of businesses that call San Francisco its home. Along with five different major banks, San Francisco is also home to Yelp, Twitter, Uber, Pinterest, and Mozilla.

Residents of the area looking for affordable, convenient San Francisco storage are in luck. With MakeSpace, you never have to visit a storage unit. All you have to do is pack. We’ll pick up, store, photograph, and deliver your belongings for as little as $25/month.

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