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Luggage Storage

Small & Large Luggage

Full-service Storage. MakeSpace is taking the "self" out of self storage.

You work hard. You play harder. But now that you’re back home in NYC from your much-needed dream vacation, where do you store your luggage?

In your home? Nope. That’ll only hog space in your already cramped apartment.

In a traditional storage unit? Nope. Paying for four taxi rides and lugging a suitcase and carry-on bag back and forth between home and a storage unit is no fun. Especially when you have better things to do.

Leave your baggage behind.

We’ll pick up all your baggage—except for your Ex—and store it in our secure warehouse until you need it again for your next island getaway. Or trip to see your parents who miss you dearly by the way.

When you want your luggage back, simply request it online and we’ll deliver it to your door in as little as 48 hours.

Storing your luggage in NYC has never been easier.