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Who Uses MakeSpace?

Who Uses MakeSpace?

Full-service Storage. MakeSpace is taking the "self" out of self storage.

If you’re still trying to figure out if MakeSpace is right for you, we want to give you a clear idea of how people are using our service. Here are just a few potential use-cases:

Tiny Apartment Dwellers - It’s no coincidence that we’re based in New York City where space is at a premium. Lots of New Yorkers use MakeSpace to store seasonal items that they don’t need on hand. You can store your skis, winter coats, christmas decorations, and duck boots all summer and then swap those things out and stash away your jean shorts, crop-tops, margarita makers all winter long.

Technomads - A new generation of remote workers are realizing that if they can work from home, they can work from anywhere. These digital commuters are increasingly ditching their apartments in favor of Airbnb locations all over the world. While they’re away from New York City, these travelers use MakeSpace to store their stuff so that they can access it from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks.

New Couples - Moving in with your significant other is an exciting, but hectic time. On top of getting used to constantly being around someone, the two of you have to decide whose french press to keep, whose cutlery is nicer, and what to do with twenty coffee cups. Fortunately, MakeSpace is making this process easier for lots of lovebirds! Storing duplicate kitchenware and sofas has never been so simple.

New Parents (and older ones, too) - Parents who used to have basements full of baby clothes, cribs, baseball cards, and art projects are using our service, to open up new spaces in their homes. They love being to store their children's items for them but not with them.

Nostalgics and Collectors - Some things have too much sentimental value to ever let go of, even if they have no practical use. We’ve seen MakeSpace users store everything from wedding shoes to letters from their parents.

Holiday Decorators - If you love dressing up your home for the holidays, but don’t have space to store inflatable snowmen or giant spiders year round, MakeSpace is just for you. You can order the decorations you want when you need them and then stick them back in MakeSpace when you don’t. All without ever visiting a storage unit.