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Storage Packing Best Practices

How To Pack Your Stuff For MakeSpace

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You’re staring at a stack of empty MakeSpace bins trying to figure out the best way to pack your stuff for storage. We’ve got you covered! Here are some pointers on how to perfectly pack your MakeSpace bins, every single time.

Sort. Secure. Store.

1) Sort. For starters, group together items that you'll want back at the same time. For example, if you’re storing a winter coat, a pair of duck boots, and twenty pairs of wool socks, those things should probably all go in the same bin. That way, you don't have to request two or three bins back for only a few items. You can even pack bins for special occasions. Put together a surfing bin with your wetsuit, rashguard, boardshorts, and beachwear in it or a wedding bin with your best tux, a pre-wrapped gift, and a few pairs of nice clothes to wear the rest of the weekend.

2) Secure. After you’ve got everything sorted into bins, use soft things like towels, t-shirts, or bubble wrap to protect any delicate or fragile items you’re storing. Also, try to spread heavier items across several bins to distribute the weight. This ensures that the bins won't be under too much stress and makes life a lot easier for our SpaceMakers (and your stuff)!

3) Store. Once you’ve finished packing, set aside the filled bins until your pickup. Our drivers will take care of sealing your stuff with zip-ties before they take your bins to our secure storage facility.

Pro Tips:

  • Pack your stuff for a nice overhead photo so you can tell what you have in your bin.
  • Vacuum-Sealed Bags are a great way to efficiently store things like duvets, winter clothes, blankets, and pillows.
  • If you’re worried about fragile items moving around in a bin, build cardboard partitions to keep your stuff safe.
  • The more full your bin, the less likely things inside are going to move during transit.
  • Save towels and t-shirts until the end of packing, and use them to pad and secure delicate items.
  • Intuitively, folding clothes and blankets seems like the way to go, but it’s more efficient to roll these items up.