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Here is what you previously selected during your last visit, so you can easily pick up where you left off.


This is an extension of the MakeSpace Terms of Service. This document outlines the standard pricing for new MakeSpace customers. MakeSpace reserves the right to change the Standard Pricing for new customers, or to offer promotional pricing to any customers at any time.


Your Storage Plan is determined by the amount of volume Your Stuff takes up, as measured by MakeSpace after Your Stuff has been picked up. We may provide an estimate to you before we pick up Your Stuff, but your Storage Plan will not be finalized until everything is back in our warehouse (many people have a hard time determining exactly what they want to store ahead of time).

Since MakeSpace is a local service, the price of your Storage Plan (and all other Storage Plans) is a function of the Postal Code where Your Stuff was first picked up. The prices of Storage Plans in your Local Service Area will be communicated to you when you schedule your first pickup appointment, and at any time you can see the price for different storage plans by visiting your Account page.

Your monthly "Billing Cycle" begins on the date we first pick up Your Stuff. So for example, if we pick up Your Stuff on the 5th of the month, your second Billing Cycle begins on the 5th of the next month. Each Billing Cycle after that would likewise begin on the same day of the month as your first pickup, unless the month doesn’t have a date with that day of the month, in which case your Billing Cycle will occur on the final day of the month. You can view the date of your next bill on your Account page. We cannot make changes to your Billing Cycle or alter the date on which you get charged.

Rent for Storage Plans must be paid in advance, on the first day of every Billing Cycle. Your Storage Plan is not refundable (even partially) if you cancel your account in the middle of a Billing Cycle. If you upgrade your account in the middle of a Billing Cycle, you will be charged a prorated portion of the increase on the first day of the next Billing Cycle.

MakeSpace pricing is based in part on how long you are willing to commit to store Your Stuff. Each Storage Plan has a Minimum Commitment. When you sign up for (or switch to) a Storage Plan, you are agreeing to pay the rent for that Plan for the duration of the Minimum Commitment.

MakeSpace may charge you, at once, all remaining rent to meet any applicable Minimum Commitment if you will not otherwise be meeting the minimum, such as when you get all Your Stuff delivered to you prior to the expiration of a Minimum Commitment and indicate that you do not intend to further store with MakeSpace.

Rent is non-refundable. Or stated in a lawyerly way: Under no circumstance will you be entitled to a refund of a Storage Plan’s Minimum Commitment. Even if you get Your Stuff delivered before your Minimum Commitment is up, your rent will not go down, and you agree to pay MakeSpace the remainder of your Minimum Commitment.

If you upgrade to a larger Storage Plan before your Minimum Commitment is up, the Minimum Commitment of your new plan will be reduced by the amount that you paid prior to your upgrade.


Fees for Protection Plans will be assessed monthly, on the same Billing Cycle as your Storage Plan. Protection Plans are not subject to the Minimum Commitment. Fees for Protection Plans are non-refundable. Under no circumstance will you be entitled to a refund of your Protection Plan.



MakeSpace will charge any fees for Appointment services that are within your Local Service Area as communicated when the appointment is scheduled. All Services Fees will be charged to your Card on or shortly after the day the appointment was completed (or cancelled). Our advice to minimize appointment time and fees is to be well organized, have your boxes packed and ready when we arrive for the appointment, disassemble all furniture, have a clear path to what needs to be picked up to the street.

An appointment outside of your Local Service Area may be possible, depending on the nature of the appointment. Please contact our Customer Support team to make this request. MakeSpace may assess additional fees and/or contract with 3rd parties to complete these appointments. Pricing, timing, and any 3rd parties will be mutually agreed upon by MakeSpace and you before we confirm the appointment.

Appointments, including deliveries, within your Local Service Area are subject to availability on a first-come first-served basis. MakeSpace does not guarantee availability of specific delivery windows. MakeSpace will take commercially reasonable efforts to honor requests for “rush deliveries” and “fit-in requests” when there are no appointment windows available in your Local Service Area in the next 72 hours. Please contact our Customer Support team to make this request. Rush delivery requests may come with an additional charge, but any such charges would be mutually agreed upon by you and MakeSpace prior to any delivery. MakeSpace may contract with 3rd parties in order to complete a rush delivery. If you agree to the use of a 3rd party when MakeSpace is otherwise unable to complete a rush delivery, MakeSpace shall not be liable to you for any failures by that 3rd party (i.e. you agree to hold MakeSpace harmless for performance and handling by that 3rd party).


Using MakeSpace as a moving service is strictly prohibited unless MakeSpace has separately offered you, and you have accepted, supplemental terms governing moving services. We are happy to accommodate deliveries to new addresses as an incidental use of the MakeSpace service, or in the normal course if you have moved and are continuing on as a MakeSpace customer. However, if we notice that you are moving a large quantity of recently-stored items to a new address, we reserve the right to ask additional questions of you before fulfilling any deliveries. To the extent you provide any materially inaccurate answers, you agree to bear MakeSpace’s actual cost of any delivery of Your Stuff that results. You agree that if MakeSpace declines to deliver your items to an address that is different from where that item was picked up, your sole recourse is to schedule a delivery to the original address where that item was picked up.


Servicing appointments is costly for us. If you cancel or reschedule last minute or fail to show up at your appointment, we can’t recoup these costs or make your appointment time available to someone else. We need advance notice of any material changes to your appointment, including cancellations, reschedules, or large changes to the items being picked up or delivered. If you fail to provide us with advance notice, we will charge you a cancellation fee. If you are not present at your appointment, we will charge you a non-appearance fee. The amount of each fee is available for your review in the MakeSpace Help Center.


We recommend that you use our MakeSpace bins to store any items that would fit inside. Our bins are sturdy and help protect your items during transport and storage. We like them so much that we rent them to you, for the duration that you store Your Stuff in them, for free. If you would like to use our bins at home, or for any reason other than storing Your Stuff in MakeSpace, you may purchase our bins for a fee (the “Bin Purchase Fee”). We will automatically charge you for the purchase of any bins that are in your possession (and not in storage with MakeSpace) for longer than the “Swap Period.” The amount of the Bin Purchase Fee and the length of the Swap Period will be communicated to you before or at your appointment. We may charge you the Bin Purchase Fee for bins that were used for any purpose other than storage with MakeSpace, even if the bins are returned to us. We may charge you ordinary service fees for appointments completed in order to retrieve empty bins from your possession. To avoid these fees related to bin purchases or retrieval, we strongly recommend that you use the liner bags provided to you, and in certain circumstances we may require that you use liner bags.

Many of the supplies we use as part of our Packing Services are included in the base rate of your Appointment. As an extension of this service, we also offer a selection of packing supplies for purchase. These supplies include (but are not limited to) wardrobe boxes, TV boxes, lamp boxes, and mattress bags. To purchase these supplies, simply inform our Sales or Customer Support teams in advance, or let our Operations team members know during your appointment. Pricing will be communicated to you at the time of your request, and purchases are subject to availability. We cannot guarantee availability of supplies for purchase.

Per our Terms (see “Packing your Stuff”), in order to store some items safely, we may require that you purchase supplies from us if you would like to store an Item that is not properly packed when we arrive at your appointment. The cost of any supplies will be communicated to you at that time.


If you decide that you no longer want the items you have in storage, please contact our Customer Support team to request disposal of some or all of Your Stuff. A disposed Item will no longer count against the volume of Your Stuff, so after you request disposal, you may be entitled to a smaller Storage Plan if you have met/completed your Minimum Commitment.

Disposing of an Item may cost us money, especially if you ask us to dispose of larger items, like couches or mattresses. To defray these costs, we may charge you a Disposal Fee appropriate to the items you are disposing. We will inform you of the Disposal Fee and ask that you agree to this fee in writing before any disposal.


If you remain in default and you incur an additional charge, we will add a Delinquent Account Fee to every subsequent invoice until your balance is paid in full and you are no longer in default.

If we incur additional expenses related to your default, including but not limited to collecting your debt, conducting a lien sale, and preserving or disposing of your items, we will assess additional fees on your account at our sole discretion.


Some of our services are subject to sales tax in some of the jurisdictions where we operate. Where these apply, sales tax will be added as a separate line item on your invoice. If you have questions about taxes or want us to tell you the tax that applies in your specific situation, please contact our Customer Support team.