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Here is what you previously selected during your last visit, so you can easily pick up where you left off.


This is an extension of the MakeSpace Terms of Service. This document outlines the standard pricing for new MakeSpace customers. MakeSpace reserves the right to change the Standard Pricing for new customers, or to offer promotional pricing to any customers at any time.


MakeSpace will never increase the monthly amount it charges you to store Your Stuff, unless you add a Box or Boxes that pushes you into a larger Storage Plan. You should never be surprised by a larger bill!


Your Storage Plan is determined by the amount of volume Your Stuff takes up, as measured by MakeSpace after Your Stuff has been picked up. We may provide an estimate to you before we pick up Your Stuff, but your Storage Plan will not be finalized until everything is back in our warehouse (many people have a hard time determining exactly what they want to store ahead of time).

The price of your Storage Plan depends on your Local Service Area, which is a function of the Postal Code where Your Stuff was picked up, as laid out in the Service Zones. Certain Service Zones may have different pricing determined by your specific location — and those prices will be shown to you when you sign up.

Each Storage Plan has a minimum duration or “Minimum Commitment.” This means that when you start a Storage Plan, you must pay the price of that plan for number of months of the Minimum Commitment, even if you get some or all of Your Stuff delivered during that time. MakeSpace may charge you, at once, all remaining rent to meet any applicable Minimum Commitment if you will not otherwise be meeting the minimum, such as when you get all Your Stuff delivered to you prior to the expiration of a Minimum Commitment and indicate that you do not intend to further store with MakeSpace.

Storage Plans must be paid at the beginning of each month of storage, on the 1-month “anniversary” of the day when you got your first MakeSpace pickup. Your Storage Plan is not refundable (even partially) if you cancel your account mid-month.

We encourage you to store Your Stuff in our MakeSpace bins, which are durable plastic. Use of bins is completely complimentary, and is much better than using cardboard! Each MakeSpace bin takes up 3 cubic feet in your Storage Plan.

Larger Storage Plans may be available. To discuss pricing and plan for your pickup, please contact our Customer Support team.



We recommend storing your personal belongings in our rugged MakeSpace plastic bins, and we provide them free of charge. We are also happy to visit you to drop off our MakeSpace bins so you can be fully packed at your scheduled pickup. Customers looking to store a large number of items or where the items need special care may also require an on-site assessment. Our on-site assessments and bin/box delivery are completely free in certain Service Zones (unless our teams are also picking up some of Your Stuff -- see PICKUPS below).


Depending on which of our Service Zones (where we are picking up bins or boxes, have easy access to retrieve them, can be completed in a quick, orderly, and efficient way) you are in and how complicated your pickup is, there may be a pick-up fee for your pickup. Any pickup fee is calculated based on the service area where Your Stuff is located, whether any of Your Stuff requires special handling (e.g. more than one Operations team member), the ease of access to the location where Your Stuff is being picked up from the street, whether you require additional services (like disassembly or packing), and timing.

When you schedule your pickup, we will provide you with an estimate of the pickup fee (if any) based on the information you provide us. It is important to be accurate in providing MakeSpace with the information we use to calculate a pickup fee. When we arrive for your pick up, our team will confirm the estimate into a formal quote, or will revise the estimate to take into account anything you may have overlooked.

Our advice to minimize pickup fees is to be well organized, have your bins packed and ready when we arrive for pickup, disassemble all furniture, have a clear path to what needs to be picked up to the street.


As a standard part of our service, we will photograph each Box in storage and transcribe any labels, all for free. If, for any reason, you would rather we skip this step, simply disable the Photo Inventory feature when you create your first appointment.


A normal delivery of Your Stuff within the Local Service Area (the same Service Zone where we picked it up) is the same price, no matter how much stuff is being delivered. The price is determined by i) how much notice you give us and ii) the day you want your delivery.

In general, our delivery charges are calculated based on the service area where Your Stuff is located, the number of days between creating your appointment and the actual appointment date, and the number of actual or expected appointments for that day. We will make this calculation at the time you schedule your delivery to tell you the cost.

A delivery outside of your Local Service Area may be possible, depending on the nature of the item. Please contact our Customer Success team to make this request. MakeSpace may contract with 3rd parties to complete these deliveries, and pricing will be mutually agreed upon by MakeSpace and you before making the delivery.

Deliveries within your Local Service Area typically require 48 hours’ notice. In some cases, it may be possible to make a rush delivery. Please contact our Customer Support team to make this request. MakeSpace may contract with 3rd parties to complete these deliveries, and pricing will be mutually agreed upon by MakeSpace and you before making the delivery.

Deliveries within your Local Service Area are on a first-come first-served basis. MakeSpace cannot guarantee availability of standard pricing for specific delivery windows. MakeSpace will take commercially reasonable efforts to honor requests for “rush deliveries” when there are no delivery windows left in your Local Service Area in the next 72 hours. Please contact our Customer Support team to make this request. Rush delivery requests may come with an additional charge, but any such charges would be mutually agreed upon by you and MakeSpace prior to any delivery. MakeSpace may contract with 3rd parties in order to complete a rush delivery. If you agree to the use of a 3rd party when MakeSpace is otherwise unable to complete a rush delivery, MakeSpace shall not be liable to you for any failures by that 3rd party. (i.e. you agree to hold MakeSpace harmless for performance and handling by that 3rd party).


Using MakeSpace as a moving service is strictly prohibited. We are happy to accommodate deliveries to new addresses as an incidental use of the MakeSpace service, or in the normal course if you have moved and are continuing on as a MakeSpace customer. However, if we notice that you are moving a large quantity of recently-stored items to a new address, we reserve the right to ask additional questions of you before fulfilling any deliveries. To the extent you provide any materially inaccurate answers, you agree to bear MakeSpace’s actual cost of any delivery of Your Stuff that results. You agree that if MakeSpace declines to deliver your items to an address that is different from where that item was picked up, your sole recourse is to schedule a delivery to the original address where that item was picked up.


We don’t like fees or taxes, but we have found that some are necessary to give all of our customers a great experience. If you have questions about any fees you have been charged, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Success team.


Pickups cost us more than you pay for them, so it costs us even more when you cancel. If you cancel or reschedule last minute or fail to show up at your appointment, we can’t recoup these costs or make your appointment time available to someone else. We need 48 hours’ notice – any cancellations or reschedules after that (including being a “no show”) will trigger a $100 fee. Nobody likes being stood up!

For any “Same Day” appointments made through the app, cancellations made 5 minutes or more after the appointment is confirmed will also be charged a $100 cancellation fee.


We keep a credit or debit card on file, so you don’t need to remember to pay us each month. If your card cannot be charged for any reason, we will immediately reach out to you to let you know. However, if you can’t pay us within 15 days, we will charge you $10, and add a $10 charge to any subsequent invoice until all payments have been made.


We hope you think our MakeSpace bins are awesome! But you can’t keep them. If you set up an appointment and get our bins, but never give the bins back to MakeSpace, we will have to charge you for the bins. We wait two weeks after the date of your last appointment before charging you $25 per bin, unless you contact us to make other arrangements to return the bins. You authorize MakeSpace to contact you prior to making any such charges, but understand that MakeSpace may (or may not) do so — the responsibility to return the bins is yours!


If you decide that you no longer want the items you have in storage, please contact our Customer Support team to request disposal of some or all of your Boxes. Disposed Boxes will no longer count against the volume of Your Stuff, so after you request disposal, you may be entitled to a smaller Storage Plan.

Disposing of your Boxes may cost us money, especially if you ask us to dispose of larger items, like couches or mattresses. To defray these costs, we may charge you a Disposal Fee appropriate to the items you are disposing. We will inform you of the Disposal Fee and ask that you agree to this fee in writing before any disposal.


Some of our services are subject to sales tax in some of the jurisdictions where we operate. (We would be more specific, but it turns out this is really complicated). Where these apply, sales tax will be added as a separate line item on your invoice. If you have questions about taxes or want us to tell you the tax that applies in your specific situation, please contact our Customer Support team.