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Privacy Principles

Privacy Principles

Full-service Storage. MakeSpace is taking the "self" out of self storage.

MakeSpace knows you value your privacy. We think you should know about how we gather and use information about you. By using MakeSpace (the website, and any apps) you're agreeing to our Privacy Principles.

Principle 1: Gather What We Reasonably Need

MakeSpace will collect information about you in a few ways. You might submit information to us, like your name, email address, mailing address, or phone number. When you pay for MakeSpace, you'll probably give us additional information like your credit card number (or eventually, Paypal ID).

For this kind of information, we will only collect what we think we need to make our service the best it can be for you — if we ask for this kind of personally identifiable information, it's because we think it will be useful (or necessary) in delivering MakeSpace to you. You'll know we have this information because either a) you will give it to us directly, or b) you'll expressly authorize someone else to give it to us.

We also passively gather basic web-browsing data, that is used to provide us with aggregate reporting about where our visitors are coming from, what platforms they're using, and how we can better serve up MakeSpace. This includes things like your IP address, ISP, internet browser, and certain system settings that are generally made available to any website you visit. This data is aggregated and anonymized. For example, if suddenly we see that all of our users have larger screen resolutions, we might consider offering an optimized version of MakeSpace for larger monitors.

In general, if we are collecting data, it is so we can use that data in some way (be it aggregated or individualized, where appropriate) to deliver MakeSpace to you and to build a better MakeSpace.

Principle 2: Sharing is (only for) Caring

We aren't here to make money from your personal information. If we share any information about you with third parties, it is solely for purposes of allowing MakeSpace to work, as otherwise required by law, or in the case of exigent circumstances, in our best judgment as to the right call. Exigent circumstances include potential threats to human life, public health or safety, danger to physical property, or other unforeseen circumstances. (We can't think of everything. But we promise the exception is not going to swallow the rule).

We may need to rely on other companies to deliver parts of MakeSpace — from web storage and services (where your information may be stored in or pass through another web service), to warehouse storage (physical storage). We will not permit other companies to use any information about you in a way that we wouldn't. Where feasible or required, your data will be encrypted. Your physical objects will similarly be reasonably secured.

If we sell MakeSpace (the company) or the assets of MakeSpace, or if we merge with another company, or if we go bankrupt, that transaction generally involves the sale of customer information. Under those circumstances, the acquirer of MakeSpace (or MakeSpace's assets) will be bound by these Principles.

If for whatever reason we would share information about you with third parties in a way that we do not think is covered by this Principle, we will notify you in advance and give you a reasonable opportunity to say no.

Principle 3: No Unfair Surprise

All of the rules of using MakeSpace are posted on our website. These Principles and our Terms of Use are meant to be clear — and when in doubt, ask us. Your use of MakeSpace will be governed by these Principles and our Terms. (And our lawyers made us note that there are things like "limitations on damages, disclaimers of warranties, and choice of law" that are important legal issues involved if we should ever have a dispute. We hope we don't, but you need to read this stuff in case we do.)

You may have the ability to post links to other sites on MakeSpace. You may not use MakeSpace as part of any attempt to market or grow linkshare or membership for other websites without our express consent, which we can withhold for any reason (or no reason at all). (We don't want people finding out a clever way to spam using MakeSpace).

In general, you might see links to MakeSpace on other sites, or the occasional link from MakeSpace to another site. We don't control other sites, and we don't endorse them. We can't promise you they'll respect your privacy — in fact we can't promise you anything about them. If you see abusive use of MakeSpace (the site) or our name on other websites, please let us know as soon as possible at

From time to time (de vez en cuando) we might change up these Privacy Principles. Especially if we get lots of questions that indicate something is unclear. The copy of the Principles in place at the time we use a given piece of information is what controls. (In other words, the current Principles is "super effective" but the old version of the Principles is "not very effective"). If we change the Principles, we'll let you know by posting an announcement, or sending you an email or SMS depending on your preferences. (Western Union's last telegram was sent in 2006, and we're not too handy with smoke signals, so alternative means of communication are unlikely, but we're always open to ideas). You will also be notified of the changes the first time you log in to MakeSpace after the changes take effect. (And continuing to use MakeSpace means you are OK with the changes).

By using MakeSpace, you agree that we can send you important notices by email and by posting them to our site, and that if there is a legal requirement that something be given to you in writing, our electronic communication (be it on our site or via email) meets that requirement.

Questions, Comments, Qualms, Concerns, or Suggestions?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding privacy, please send us a detailed message at We will make every effort to resolve your concerns.

Original Effective Date: 2013. Samuel Rosen, 123 William Street, New York, NY 10038