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Legacy Protection Plans

For customers who had their first MakeSpace appointment scheduled before July 11, 2017.


By executing this Agreement and using MakeSpace, you are agreeing that in the event that Your Stuff breaks or go missing, MakeSpace’s liability for each Box will be limited to $250, and MakeSpace’s total liability will be limited in the aggregate to $2,000 for all Boxes stored with MakeSpace (the “Aggregate Limit”). If you wish to increase the limitation of liability on Your Stuff, please call our Customer Success Team at (800) 920-9440 for availability and pricing.

If you store stuff in MakeSpace worth more than the per-Box and Aggregate Limit, you do so at your own risk. (You are free to buy your own insurance, and should check because your existing homeowner’s or renter’s insurance may cover the damage. If you pay for MakeSpace using certain credit cards, you may also be entitled to supplemental benefits from insurance or other protection programs from your credit card company, and so you should call them to check as well).

In the unfortunate event that something breaks or goes missing, MakeSpace has a claims process. In the case of a damaged item, MakeSpace will work with you (and you have to help MakeSpace) to collect information about the damage. The process generally takes about five business days from the time we’ve collected all the information (and can add an additional 5-10 business days if the damage occurred while Your Stuff was in the care of a third-party like UPS). Once we’ve been able to assess on our end (or in conjunction with a third-party like UPS), we will notify you, and make arrangements to credit your account, refund you, or replace the item (depending on the circumstances).

In the case of a missing item, MakeSpace first undergoes an extensive search of our records to see if we can locate Your Stuff, and often will need your cooperation to do so. This process can take much longer if Your Stuff was shipped rather than locally delivered, and so our Customer Success Agents will be available to you to provide estimated timelines and status updates as our investigation progresses. If we cannot find Your Stuff, we will engage a similar process to what happens if Your Stuff breaks or is damaged.