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Now this is a story all about how our lives got flipped, turned upside down. And we’d like to take a minute- ok we’ll stop there. Because after sitting in traffic for so long on your way to a self-storage unit, the last thing you want to hear is how we became the Prince of a town called Bel Air.

The great news: You don’t have to do any of that. Because MakeSpace is Bel Air storage that comes to you.

Thats right. We’ll pick up all your stuff (yep, even your suitcase and furniture), store it in our secure and temperature-regulated storage facility, and create an online photo catalog so you always know what you have in storage.

The best part? When you need something back, we’ll deliver it to you.

The result: more free time to do the things you love, like look at your kingdom and sit on your throne as the Prince, or Princess, of Bel Air.

How MakeSpace Works

Schedule a pickup, pack your stuff, and relax. We'll take care of the rest.

We’re Cheaper Than Self-Storage

Unlike self-storage, you only pay for the space you use.


Hall Closet

16 ft3



Bedroom Closet

32 ft3



Walk-in Closet

100 ft3



Studio Apt.

200 ft3



Small 1BR Apt.

300 ft3


Not sure which plan to pick?

Our easy-to-use storage calculator will help you find the right plan.

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All plans include:

ConvenientPickup & Delivery
FreeDurable Storage Bins
FreeWardrobe Boxes
Five-StarService & Support
$2,000MakeSpace Guarantee

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You Should Expect More From a Los Angeles Storage Company

Free packing bins, save on boxes and tape

Online photo inventory of what’s in storage

Easy pickup and delivery

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