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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What is MakeSpace?

MakeSpace is a storage service that uses technology to help you declutter your life. We pickup, store, and deliver your belongings on demand—so you never have to visit a storage facility again.

Why MakeSpace?

New York’s #1 consumer-rated storage company, MakeSpace is reinventing the traditional self-storage experience, replacing the stressful parts of storage (like hauling, schlepping, and dealing with storage facilities) with a seamless, full-service experience.

Where can I use MakeSpace?

We’re making space in 24 cities across North America—and counting!

Learn more about MakeSpace in your area:

North East




What does MakeSpace cost?

MakeSpace offers a wide variety of plan sizes and prices based on the amount you’re storing—and we’ll always size you into the smallest possible plan. Get details on exact pricing in your city.

How do I get started?

Simply enter your address to schedule an appointment online or via the MakeSpace iOS app—or call us at 800-663-4791 for a quote.

I'm a former Stashable customer—what do I need to know?

Over the coming months, we’ll make a few upgrades to your existing service—but for now, you can expect the same high level of service and support that you’ve always received.

For now, your monthly storage rate isn’t changing—however, if you schedule a new pickup that changes the size of your plan, there may be a slight difference.

If you have any additional questions or you'd like to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 833-849-8871, or send an email to and a member of our Customer Support team will be happy to assist you.

My Stuff

How do I view my stuff?

Go to to view a complete digital inventory of your stored items. When you’d like an item delivered back, just select it from the inventory and schedule a delivery appointment.

How do I get my stuff back?

You can schedule return deliveries online or via the iOS app. Just let us know which of your belongings you want back, and when you’d like us to bring them to you.


Are bags and bins free?

Yes! Bags and bins are both free for you to use—but bins must be returned with 7 days of delivery. Otherwise, you can keep them for $15 each.

Can I keep my bags?

Yes! You can keep your bags for free and reuse them as you please. They’re great for laundry or grocery shopping—plus, they’re collapsible so you can store them away without taking up space.

How should I pack my bags?

It’s extremely important that you don’t overpack, as bags are designed to fit into bins of the same size. This means no misshapen bags stuffed with oddly shaped items like guitars or blow-up pool toys.

What if my bag doesn't fit in a bin?

If your bag doesn’t fit into a bin, you’ll be responsible for reorganizing your belongings into existing/additional bags. To avoid prolonging the pickup appointment, it’s important that you follow our packing guidelines and avoid overpacking.

How can I get more bags and bins?

After you’ve scheduled a pickup appointment, we’ll send you as many bags and bins as you need. Call us if you need more and we’ll try to send them before your appointment. If we’re unable to get them to you before your appointment, SpaceMakers will bring up to 5 bags and bins for you to pack during your appointment.

Do you still take photos of my bins?

Yes! SpaceMakers will take photos of your bins so you can easily access your inventory via the app.


How do I know how many MakeSpace bins I need?

A MakeSpace bin is three cubic feet, and its dimensions are 27” length x 17” width x 12.5” height.

A single bin can hold 12 pairs of shoes, or 30 shirts and 10 sweaters.

Still not sure what fits inside a bin? Call 800-920-2372 or email and one of our Customer Support agents will assist you.

If you’d like to store heavier items such as books, please spread them across several bins to avoid exceeding 40lbs.

What is the best way to pack a MakeSpace bin?
  1. Try to distribute weight across your bins. Spread heavier items, such as books, across several bins to ensure the bins won't be under too much stress. Keep in mind, we don’t take bins weighing over 40 lbs.
  2. Pack items together that you'll likely want back at the same time (and make sure you label your bins, too). For example, if you have a dress that you love to wear with a specific pair of heels, pack them together. Put your rain boots with your umbrella. Pack all your Thanksgiving serving pieces together.
  3. Roll, don't fold, items like T-shirts or towels to maximize space and reduce wrinkles—or opt for vacuum-sealed bags instead. Stuff socks and other small items into your shoes, sneakers, and boots to maximize bin or box space and help these items keep their shape.
Can I store items that don’t fit inside a bin at MakeSpace?

We can store almost anything, from furniture to bicycles, golf clubs to luggage. As long as it doesn't violate our storage rules we will take it. We don’t store drugs, liquid, food or perishables, explosives, guns, flammables, animals, insects, fungal or bacterial cultures, hazardous or toxic items.


How secure is your warehouse?

Our warehouses are not open to the public. Each one is under 24-hour surveillance, and equipped with motion detectors, night vision, and alarms

Can I come visit your warehouse?

We don’t allow public access at our warehouse for security reasons. However, if you have a unique situation or would like to inquire about scheduling an appointment at our facility, feel free to contact us.

Is my stuff protected?

Yes. The safety of your stuff is our top priority and so we’ll always handle your stuff with extra care. All storage plans include our Basic coverage ($0.60/pound) for free, or you can upgrade to one of our other monthly plans for additional coverage. But first, check out our storage rules to see what items qualify for coverage and our Terms of Service for more information about our protection plan.