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We pick up, store, and deliver your stuff––all for less than what Foggy Bottom self-storage companies charge.

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Foggy Bottom sounds like the name of a made-up forest in a kid’s book. But it’s your home, and you’re proud of it. You’ve got culture (the Kennedy Center!), great restaurants (Founding Farmers!), and history (the, uh, Watergate complex). But you know what you don’t have? Enough storage space for all your things.

We can help with that. Simply schedule a pickup, pack your stuff, and leave the rest to us.

We'll pick everything up and store it in our secure temperature-controlled storage facility. We’ll also create an online photo catalog of your stuff so you never forget what you have in storage.

When you need something back from storage, just click the item's photo and we’ll bring it right to your door. Which means you'll have more time to explore your neighborhood, which has gotten considerably less foggy since its 19th century industrial days.

How MakeSpace Works


We’re Cheaper Than Self-Storage

Unlike self-storage, you only pay for the space you use.

Not sure which plan to pick?

Our easy-to-use storage calculator will help you find the right plan.

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All plans include:

Our pro movers come to you - at-home pickups and deliveries.
Free MakeSpace bags, bins, and moving blankets.
Free basic protection plan.
Flexible plans sizes for changing needs.
Convenient online photo inventory.
On-demand appointments for an affordable rate.

Need a larger space?

Speak to a storage expert and they can help find the right space to fit your needs.

You Should Expect More From a Washington D.C. Storage Company

At-home appointments - our pro movers come to you

Free packing bins, save on boxes and tape

Online photo inventory of what’s in storage

Easy pickup and delivery

Thousands of Satisfied Customers

Sarah K.

Washington, DC

"This service is fantastic - with short notice, they came to pick up a wide variety of things (think, the queen bed frame that is awkward to store in your basement, to boxes of documents etc.), arrived on time, were extremely pleasant and to top it all off, managed to fit our stuff into a smaller unit than we reserved to save us money - truly great customer service."

Claire C.

Washington, DC

"MakeSpace is the BEST. We've been storing items with them for 4 months now and couldn't be happier. The guys who make the pickups and dropoffs are helpful, friendly and efficient."

Chris M.

Washington, DC

"Simple, efficient and inexpensive. Perfect solution for someone in between a storage container and a closet. Plus, they dropped off a bag along with my boxes to donate stuff to Goodwill."

Tiffany A.

Washington, DC

"They were prompt and efficient. They made sure to wrap all of my furniture with detail and care. Really glad to know my stuff will reach storage safe and sound!"

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