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Humboldt Park is named for a German geographer who never set foot in Chicago, but he probably would’ve liked the place. It’s got cool shops, delicious jibaritos, and some gorgeous green space.

But for so many renters, it’s severely lacking in space.

There’s just not enough room in your apartment for all your prized belongings. You could put some stuff into a self-storage unit, but between all the money you’ll spend on boxes, packing supplies, and gas, it’ll be a severe hit on your bank account. Plus it’s bound to take hours.

Let MakeSpace do all the heavy lifting for you.

We’ll swing by your place, load up your things, and transport them over to our secure, temperature-controlled storage facility. Then, we’ll create an online photo catalog of each item, so you know exactly what’s stashed away.

Getting something back couldn’t be easier. Just let us know and we’ll bring it right over. That frees your afternoon up for some quality time in the park, hopefully with a jibarito in hand.

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We’re Cheaper Than Self-Storage

Unlike self-storage, you only pay for the space you use.

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All plans include:

Our pro movers come to you - at-home pickups and deliveries.
Free MakeSpace bags, bins, and moving blankets.
Free basic protection plan.
Flexible plans sizes for changing needs.
Convenient online photo inventory.
On-demand appointments for an affordable rate.

Need a larger space?

Speak to a storage expert and they can help find the right space to fit your needs.

You Should Expect More From a Chicago Storage Company

At-home appointments - our pro movers come to you

Free packing bins, save on boxes and tape

Online photo inventory of what’s in storage

Easy pickup and delivery

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