How to Create a Small Home Office

How to Create a Small Home Office Expand options

Getting used to working from home is sometimes a bit of an adjustment. At first, it’s nice to work in pyjamas on the couch, but you quickly start to miss a dedicated workspace. Even if you live in a tiny apartment, here’s how you can create a small home office

Personalize it with things that motivate you to give you the energy and encouragement you need while learning to work from home.

+Find a good chair

The wooden chairs around your kitchen or dining room table aren’t ideal for sitting in for eight hours or more. You’ll eventually get uncomfortable and even experience things like back and neck pain. Find a good chair with an ergonomic design and padded seating instead. When you create a small home office find a chair that’s designed to support you and you’ll automatically increase your daily productivity

+Decorate with plants

a small succulent next to a laptop seen sideways


Consider how much space you have to work with after you’ve set up your monitors or laptop. Even if you only have room for a tiny terra-cotta pot, you may want to decorate your workspace with plants. A University of Exeter study found that employees who worked around plants improved their performance by 15%, experienced less physiological stress and felt happier.

If you don’t have a green thumb, order faux plants like flowers or succulents. They’ll add beauty to your home and create a pleasant environment, whether you’re working from your kitchen or on your coffee table.

+Embrace natural lighting

A table lamp and a cup on a table with a diary facing a window.


Natural light makes spaces feel more open, which could be encouraging when you create a small home office. Besides feeling like you have more room to spread out, the lighting will also boost your health and well-being by reducing eyestrain and headaches.

+Create a focus playlist

Tiny, cramped spaces can be uncomfortable. You might get restless and start wondering how you’ll ever get through your to-do list. Take advantage of working from home by creating a focus playlist and setting up a mini speaker. Find nature sounds, instrumental compositions or genres that enhance your focus. 

Even if you hang the tiny speaker on the wall behind your workspace, the playlist will fill the room with relaxing sounds and ease your mood.

+Try something new

Working from home may feel new to you, so do something different with your workspace, too. Decorating with plants or embracing natural lighting could be the ideal way to make your new work zone more enjoyable. Little things like this can boost your productivity and help you power through your work day.


Kacey Bradley is the blogger behind The Drifter Collective, an eclectic lifestyle blog that expresses various forms of style through the influence of culture and the world around us. Along with writing for her blog, she has written for sites like U.S. News, SUCCESS, Guides for Brides, Hotel Online and more!

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