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Upgrade Your Garage: Simple Tricks for Getting Organized

Upgrade Your Garage: Simple Tricks for Getting Organized Expand options

With the increasing number of homeowners having traditional renovation targets like kitchens and bathrooms, they are turning away from the huge potential that garage spaces can bring.  Garage upgrades are a sound option for those who need more living space. Not only this project is more affordable than other renovation projects or house extensions, but the time it will take to finish can also be relatively short. 

Options are endless, more than making it possible for homeowners to move a large object in and out of the house, garages can also be converted to a home gym, a garden space, a home office, or a utility room. As long as you have the idea and purpose in mind you can transform this space to your liking.

In this article, we go through ways you can upgrade your garage for a more organized home. 

1. Install wall organizers
Making the best out of your garage by adding shelves on the wall is one of the best places to start when organizing your home. Wall organizers are an excellent way to move stuff out from the floor and onto vertical shelves that maximizes the use of your square footage. It can help you cut the clutter by getting your items organized for easy access and storage. 

There are different options available for shelving – you could either look into wooden or metal shelving or freestanding shelves that you can easily move around if you choose to tweak the arrangement in the future. Before building, choose to be sustainable by choosing eco-friendly materials – a good practice especially if you track your carbon emissions. Pick a material that is sturdy enough to hold your stuff while at the same time fits into the layout of your garage. Either option will create more room to walk, work, and easily park.

2. Have cabinet systems
Much like any other area in your house, it can be a challenge to maximize the meeting point between your walls and the ceiling in your garage. To solve this issue, consider installing cabinet systems. While it can be quite high for storage and will most likely require you to use a ladder to reach, it is worth it for the amount of storage space that can be gained. 

After all, not everything has to hang from the walls. Adding cabinets to your garage benefits your storage to store items you occasionally use such as luggage, holiday decorations, sports gear, or goods you buy in bulk to name a few. These mounted cabinets offer more stability and long-term storage for bulky items that your wall shelves could not accommodate. Having your stuff stored in a cool and dry place also keeps your garage tidy and avoids bacteria build-up so you can have a cozy home free from mold. 

3. Invest in an efficient rack for bikes
If you or someone who lives with you is a bike enthusiast, you might need a spot to store the bikes when you’re not riding them. And by storage, we mean balance between security and practicality. Bikes should be stored in a safe space to avoid being stolen yet practical enough for quick access. While bikes generally take up room and are easily knocked over when parked leaning on a wall, hanging them from the rafters is a great way to store them while saving space. 

There are practical and handy solutions that you can buy in the shops for a reasonable price next time you want to upgrade your bike storage in your garage. Whether it’s hanging in vertical wall racks, freestanding floor stands, pulley systems, and hooks, these indoor bike storages will keep your bikes nested neatly together and safe at night. 

4. Set-up pegboard for tools
Another excellent way to keep things organized in your garage is having a pegboard for tools. It is a simple and cost-effective solution to arrange any tool you could have. From a lightweight ruler to your heavy-duty drills; it’s a storage classic that can be easily modified to accommodate various tools and spaces. 

These neat wall-mounted tool holders allow you to store your tools in plain sight where you can easily access them thus helping you save a lot of time when working on a project. You can hang the pegboard directly on top of a working station so your hammers and screwdrivers are right there when you need them. On top of that, having a pegboard avoids improper storage of tools that causes rusting and damage. Organizing them properly helps to extend the lifespan of your trusted equipment. 

5. Allot a space for a home gym
If your garage doubles as a home gym, you need to set up storage for your gym equipment and space where you can move without obstructions. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it is not only easy to set up but it will also save you so much time and money spent on gym memberships and gas for a commute. You will also be able to work out regularly in the comfort of your own space. 

Before rushing to buy anything, focus on machines and equipment you will get the most use of especially if you are just starting. Not everything has to be bought. Pieces of equipment accumulate over time depending on your needs. Also, make the space comfortable and appealing. You can add install shock-absorbing mats to absorb impact from having to drop weights, a good set of speakers to have great music when you work out, and a full-length mirror. Above all else invest in proper storage so you can organize your equipment. Complete your home gym look by adding dumbbell racks and heavy-duty hook storage. Install the space-saving feature on the garage to keep your gears within reach.

6. Convert garage into a home office
If you have a garage that you barely use, consider converting the space to a home office. With the surge of work from home employees such as property managers and virtual assistants, the space for a dedicated work area at home is increasingly becoming a demand.

With the right planning and creativity, a spacious garage can act as a home office. This conversion is typically cheaper than having to build an extension. By emptying your garage, adding insulation, putting proper flooring, and installing furniture, you can have yourself a home office where you can work remotely. If your garage doesn’t offer much space try adding full-length windows to make it appear more extended. Using a movable desk and chairs could also be practical so it can be relocated should you need the garage for a different purpose. Having a dedicated home office is a great way to separate living and working areas thus making your home more organized in terms of functionality.

Author bio:
Katreena is a scientist and a life hack specialist. She’s authored scientific journals on biotechnology and molecular biology. To take a break from scientific journals, she puts her mind into writing about lifestyle, health, and sustainability. She strongly believes that kindness makes the world go round.

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