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Tips to Create a Home Office in a Small Space

Tips to Create a Home Office in a Small Space Expand options

We’d all love to have a home office—a separate, closed-off area where we can work peacefully. Unfortunately, that’s not a reality for most people, especially in an urban setting. If you’ve switched to remote work, here’s how to set up a productive workspace. Check out these tips to create a home office in a small space:

1. Choose an ergonomic setup

Find a space where you can set down your materials and concentrate on your workday. If you don’t have a desk, now’s a chance to create a makeshift workstation. It all starts with a flat, open space.

A dining room table or kitchen bar countertop can serve as an accessible “desk”. You can pull up a comfortable chair and rest your feet on the ground. You can also rest your arms on the surface. This setup promotes an ergonomic workspace, which makes a difference for your physical health. You may not have all the materials to create a truly comfortable area, but every small step will help you get comfy for your work (from home) day.

2. Use natural lighting when possible

A work desk by the window with natural light and fresh air


Try to incorporate natural lighting as you establish your workspace. If you choose an area that’s too dark or dim, you may feel tired and unfocused before the day ends. To create a brightly lit room, open the blinds and curtains before you sit down at your desk. You can consider artificial lighting, too! The most comfortable area uses a balance.

You may need to adjust the lighting as you work. Eventually, you’ll find a setup that works best.

3. Separate work duties from home life

When you’re at home, it’s hard to compartmentalize work life and home life. The line becomes blurred when your house turns into your workspace. Therefore, when you set out to create a home office in a small space, you’ll need to find a way to separate each one from the other. This step can reduce stress levels for both you and those around you.

You should create a consistent routine like you would at the office. Set strict work hours so you know when to log off. It would help more if you had a separate workspace so you could “shut the door” on your work day, but you can have that same feeling when you close your laptop.

4. Add peaceful accessories and plants

A wooden desk by the window surrounded by plants and a Himalayan salt lamp


Your home workspace doesn’t need to be overly office-like. Instead, you can create a more personal atmosphere. Don’t hesitate to incorporate plants, images and other accessories that make you happy. You could also add an essential oil diffuser to promote a calmer atmosphere. If you prefer noise over silence, try a sound machine that emits peaceful music.

These decorative touches can bring inspiration to your workspace. Plus, it’s always nice to establish an attractive background.

Use these ideas 

You don’t need to have a separate room to create a home office in a small space. Use these suggestions to create a productive workspace.


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