Tim O'Reilly delivering his Solid 2014 keynote "Software Above the Level of a Single Device: The Implications."
Tim O’Reilly Features MakeSpace At Solid 2014 Expand options

We’re honored that Tim O’Reilly featured MakeSpace as an example of a startup that’s rethinking how real-world things work in his talk “The Internet of Things and Humans” at Solid 2014. Tim has also blogged about us. Here’s a quote from his talk:

Try to think about new things. Think about things that might have seemed hard or impossible before you had these new capabilities. Because one of the things I’m most excited about in this technology revolution is that it’s giving us amazing, amazing capabilities to affect the physical world. And the physical world, in the end, is where we all live, and where the biggest problems we face as a society are to be found. We have to feed the world, we have to generate energy, we have to deal with climate change, and we have to fix the problems of our society. I want you not just to make cute, cool consumer devices but to think about hard problems that you can solve, take this technology and make the world a better place.

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