Tictail uses MakeSpace for merchandise storage in NYC.
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Tictail, “The Tumblr Of E-commerce,” Uses MakeSpace To Store Their Favorite Merchandise

Tictail, “The Tumblr Of E-commerce,” Uses MakeSpace To Store Their Favorite Merchandise Expand options

Let’s say you designed dope clothes and accessories that you wish to sell, but there’s a few obstacles standing in your way:

You have nowhere to sell your goods, no mountain of cash to open a brick and mortar retail shop, and no coding or design chops to build an e-commerce website from scratch.

Besides peddling your merchandise on the streets or from the trunk of your box Chevy, how would you reap the benefits of all the sweat and tears you put into creating your work of art?

Consider using Tictail, a free service that makes it dead simple for anyone and their mothers (literally, the mother of Tictail’s CEO used Tictail to open the services’ first store) to build beautiful online stores in mere minutes. The platform is so easy to use that it’s been called “The Tumblr of E-commerce.”

Tictail’s friendly interface, gorgeous website themes (check out some of them below), and huge selection of apps help more than 75,000 indie brands and retailers easily sell their products online and market their businesses around the world. Recently, the startup needed a service to not only securely store their favorite merchandise from some of their passionate retailers, but also deliver them back to Tictail’s NYC office whenever the occasion calls for it. That’s when they turned to MakeSpace.

A sample of Tictail's website themes for online stores.
Tictail has a wide selection of easy-to-install website themes to match your store’s personality. No coding is necessary.

“Makespace is a great service that enables us to be flexible with our office space,” said Jennie Wachtmeister, Head of Marketing at Tictail. “We love planning events for our community and regularly host parties and meet-ups here. Being able to easily bring Tictail products we have on hand to showcase is perfect for us.”

With MakeSpace, Tictail has on-demand access to their assorted Phoenix Apparel t-shirts, geometric paper sculptures from Future Days, an Orpland bike horn/beacon light, sophisticated Alice Bosc necklaces, Murphy Munday arrow wall art, The Crybaby Collective stickers, a sparkly LXLS Luxury Outlet sweatshirt, and organic lip balm from The Organic Oil Co. — without having to take up any space in their office.

Tictail's MakeSpace storage bin full of merchandise.
Tictail uses MakeSpace to store their favorite merchandise from some of their passionate retailers.

Whether you’re eager to quickly build your own online store without spending a dime or using any technical skills, shop from over 1 million one-of-a-kind products (Tictail just launched shopping apps for iPhone and Android), or both, Tictail has you covered from head to tail. And if you’re in NYC and you spot the Tictail Van in your hood, be sure to say what’s up. They’re helping entrepreneurs launch fully decked out online stores from inside of their tricked out van.

The Tictail Van in New York City.
The Tictail Van is equipped with a professional photo and design studio to get your online store up and running in no time.

Where the Tictail Van is headed next, we can’t say. But one thing’s for sure: we’re happy to be the closet in the cloud for this successful startup that helps emerging retailers fulfill their dreams.

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