Three Hottest Home Design Trends That Are Here to Stay

Three Hottest Home Design Trends That Are Here to Stay Expand options

The global pandemic outbreak has forced people to be more confined to their homes than ever before. As a result, they are looking for ways to freshen up their space — whether it’s changing the wall paints, adding new furniture or antique pieces to the dining room, or replacing the old tiles with new ones.

As an interior designer, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest home design trends that you can adopt to spruce up your client’s house.

Don’t know where to look? We’ve got you covered.

Go Smart
Home automation is the next big thing in the interior designing industry. From Alexa-enabled devices to automated lighting and security options — smart homes are becoming popular among tech-savvy people.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has enabled numerous smart devices that offer different functionalities to make homes more comfortable, convenient, and efficient. You can switch on the lights on the way home, turn on the music, and even the stove in the kitchen.

Here are a few intelligent home design trends:
1. Smart illumination of lighting is an intelligent way to light the home. Not only can it control the lights automatically via an app but also connect the lighting system with other connected devices such as music systems, cameras, and so on.

2. Smart LED lights are an affordable upgrade that allows you to control lighting, cooling, heating, and other appliances. Whether you want to adjust the brightness, dim the lights, or turn your lights on and off automatically — smart LED bulbs can be your best bet. Plus, if your living room has a ceiling higher than 20 feet, using LED high bay lights is a great choice.

3. Intelligent curtains are another energy-saving option that helps keep the light out of the room, improve ambience, and make the home safer.

4. While working in a kitchen, music is a must-have to create an enjoyable cooking experience. This is where nearly invisible or custom-designed speakers come into play. However, make sure that the audio system matches the style and decor of the room.

Bring More Natural Light In
According to designer Michelle Martel, letting more natural light in the house, especially during the winter months, is the new trend of 2021. After all, nothing compares to the warm sunshine across your face during the cold winter days.

There are numerous benefits to natural light, such as improved energy levels, increased serotonin, and many more. And since people are staying at home more than ever before, filling the house with light can do wonders for their health.

Here’s how you can bring more natural light to the house:

1. Put away the heavy curtains. Instead, use blinds or sheer curtains or keep your windows bare to allow more sunlight.

2. Add more mirrors and shiny objects in the house, especially across from a window, to double the sunlight that enters the room.

3. Dark shades absorb more light than light shades. A dark blue room will appear dull compared to a white-painted room. This is because light colors act as a mirror and reflect light around the room.

4. Last but not least, install large windows and doors to increase the natural illumination.

Make Home Plants Your Best Friend
Indoor or house plants don’t just look good in the house — it makes you feel good too. Not only do these enhance the overall appearance of the home but also improve mental health, increase creativity, and eliminate air pollutants. And if you have plenty of natural light coming in, these can indeed turn the home into a paradise.

When decorating with houseplants, you need to consider various factors, including how plants look in the house, their living conditions, and so on. For example, some plants thrive in more light while others want low light and survive in areas like bathrooms.

In terms of decoration, you can choose plants with different widths and heights, including plants with colorful leaves, and use plenty of decorative pots with similar colors and finishes for a more appealing look.

Over To You
These are just the top three home design trends that are here to stay in 2021 and are welcomed by both designers and users around the world. So, go ahead and experiment with these latest trends and create something that aligns with your client’s budget, taste, and preferences. But above all, be creative and help your clients achieve that comfortable yet modern house feel they’re looking for. 

AUTHOR BIO: Karen Lopez is a freelance content writer at marketing digest. With her keen interest in home decor and remodeling, she loves contributing insightful articles about the latest renovation trends in residential and commercial spaces. In her free time, she enjoys listening to Jazz music and watching Netflix.



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