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We Asked 5 People What Thing In Their Apartment They’d Let Go Of First

We Asked 5 People What Thing In Their Apartment They’d Let Go Of First Expand options

Everyone has that one thing in their apartment that just needs to go. Every day you look at it, it looks back at you, daring you to finally deal with it.

Maybe it’s your new bicycle in the hallway that your roommates reluctantly let you bring inside one rainy weekend, and has since sat there, hooking onto the jackets of everyone who comes and goes.

Maybe it’s the air conditioner hanging on by a thread out of your window, greeting the freezing wind it lets into your room.

Maybe it’s the pile of sweaters in your closet that you only wear when Grandma is around because she always gets them for you for the holidays and you don’t want to hurt her feelings.

Or maybe we’re wrong, and it’s none of those things. So, we asked some of our friends:

What’s that one thing in your apartment that should really be paying you rent? The one thing that you wish could just go away with a tap of a button, and come back only when you need it again? Take a photo of it, and include a brief description.

We wanted to come out of this feeling like genies, granting that very wish. Some of our friends got a little more creative than we expected though, and wanted to store things that we don’t allow. Take #1 for example.

1. Sarah Jean Alexander

Sarah Jean Alexander wants to store herself in a MakeSpace storage bin.

“I would pack me up. Rent is too high. Take me Away.”

While she may be compact enough in this state to fit in one of our bins, and we would love to have her around all the time, we don’t, and never will, store people. Sorry, Sarah.

Then there was #2, a case where the storage dream didn’t consist of a person, exactly …

2. Alex Frank

Alex Frank wants to put his facial hair in MakeSpace storage.

“I had a beard in college and then, when I moved to New York after graduating, I started shaving every day of my life while hustling at different jobs at magazines and trying to look mature and cleaned up enough for the city. When I went freelance in 2015, though, I actually threw my razor away and let my full beard grow. Now, I wish I could put my facial hair in storage.”

We can store outfits from different periods of your life. In fact, we can store all your outfits because we’re an infinite closet. But unfortunately we’re still bound by the laws of physics, so we can’t store the way you currently look for future use. Again, sorry,  Alex.

Luckily we had a couple of people who wished to store tangible inanimate objects, which truth be told, is our specialty.

3. Dan Blondell

Alex Frank wants to put his electronic keyboard in MakeSpace storage.

“Maybe the only difference between you and Beethoven is he owned a piano. So you buy a keyboard, then you play it, then you don’t. Then you have that much less closet space.”

This, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what we’re talking about. An instrument you never learned, a French-language book you never picked up, a box of painting supplies you never opened. The kind of thing whose very presence serves to mock you. Who can’t relate to that?

One day you will get to it though. We believe in you. We’ll hold onto that keyboard for you Dan, whenever you’re ready.

Feeling great that we’ve granted someone’s wish, we tried our luck again with #4.

4. Laura Mayer

Laura Mayer wants to put her HoMedics Shiatsu + Air Foot Massager in MakeSpace storage.

“Sometimes you end up in Macy’s with a gift card burning a hole in your pocket and you get a top of the line electronic foot massager. Then you realize it doesn’t fit under your couch and it is the most unsightly thing in your living room.”

A little less relatable, perhaps, but a perfect problem for MakeSpace to solve. It is a confusing looking object though isn’t it? Like do you slip each foot in under the brown hood, on either side of that switch?

Or is it wrapped up in a sort of carrier case right now, which Laura didn’t want to deal with unwrapping? Either way, we’d be happy to store this for you Laura. Until you and your feet need it again.

By this point we were getting a bit of a big head from granting wishes left and right. So, we tapped one last person for #5.

Keep in mind folks that all dogs used to be wolves. Strong, fierce, independent wolves.

5. Mira Gonzalez

Mira Gonzalez wants to put her corgi, Taco The Dog, in MakeSpace storage.

“It %*!&s on the rug every time we go out & barks at anything that sounds even vaguely like a doorbell.”

Yes, that is a corgi in socks. And yes, it is the cutest, saddest thing we’ve ever seen. So sad in fact that Mira started an Instagram dedicated to documenting its existence, called @SaddestDogInAmerica.

Woe is me

A photo posted by Taco The Dog (@saddestdoginamerica) on

Even though Corgis are so oddly shaped that their owners may find it easier to store them away than to keep them around, we still can’t store them. Sorry, Mira. You’re just going to have to continue to love that long, low-to-the-ground, tragic-but-adorable attempt at being a dog.

So while we can’t store all the problems in your life, we can store some of them. With the tap of a button, we can make it go away. And with another tap of a slightly different button, we can make it come back. Like a genie.

An empty MakeSpace storage bin that reads "Pack me."

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