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The MakeSpace Holiday Gift Guide: 12 Perfect Presents For Tiny Apartment Dwellers Expand options

Time’s ticking. Space in our tiny apartments is shrinking. This holiday season, help your friends, family, and loved ones live large in small spaces. Give them any one of these 12 perfect presents that pack a big punch in a tiny footprint.



Kitchen supplies, plants, bottles, glasses, toiletries, office supplies, arts and crafts, cleaning supplies, toys, makeup, tablets, and smartphones. You name it, the RÅSKOG holds it. It’s sturdy. It’s small. It has four wheels. It’s the most versatile cart we’ve ever seen. Order the RÅSKOG for a smidgen under $50 at IKEA. Then check out this Buzzfeed article and prepare for your mind to do this:


2. Spotify Premium e-card


Remember CD racks? Well, signing up for Spotify means you can toss them out. Having access to this massive collection of music takes up zero space in your physical life. Play any song, any time. No ads if you sign up for Premium (it’s worth it), crisp sound quality, and the ability to listen to songs offline and discover new music based on your mood and past listens make this an ideal space-saving gift for the always on-the-go music lover in your life. Gift amounts come in 1-month ($9.99), 3-month ($29.97), 6-month ($59.94), and 12-month ($119.88) options.


jawbone.com jawbone.com

9 color combinations, 10 hours of battery life, bluetooth technology, LiveAudio, Multi-Play, and speakerphone support make for one amazing speaker. Get the MINI JAMBOX for $99.99 and rock out with whatever you’d like out because this speaker only takes up 6.06 x 0.96 x 2.28 inches in length, width, and height respectively. When the party’s over, do like Fabolous and “just throw it in the bag.”

4. Kindle


Know a voracious reader who loathes lugging hard copy books? A Kindle is a kind gift. It’s heavy on utility, yet light on your wallet. Prices start at just $59 on Amazon. Carrying thousands of books in only one hand has never been easier. The only thing the reader needs to worry about is what to do with all that free book shelf space. (Hint: Here’s what to do.)

5. Eames Hang-It-All


The name says-it-all. The price: $199 at hivemodern.com. Hang whatever you’d like up to 20 pounds, from winter coats and bags, to hats, scarves, hoodies, purses, and backpacks. With a sturdy steel wire frame and wooden multicolored balls, this playful rack doubles as art (not gumballs, unfortunately).

6. Saturn Wine Glasses


Wine can be a carpet owner’s worst nightmare. Unless of course, the wine never spills. That’s the super power of SUPERDUPERSTUDIO’s unspillable, lightweight, and stackable Saturn Wine Glasses. Proof:


Each Saturn Wine Glass is $52 and well worth the cost.

7. Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Want to maximize space and holiday cheer? Nothing sets the proper mood like this puny pine from Peanuts. Some love and assembly is required. And $6.74 when you order it from kmart.com.

8. BaubleBar Twinkle Lights


Deck out her tech with these BaubleBar USB Twinkle Lights. They come with the purchase of a BaubleBar printed gift card, starting at $25. Length: 4.29 inches. Loveability: Light years beyond space-hogging string lights.

9. Tiny Succulent

The Sill

Working with plants reduces your stress. Taking care of teeny tiny plants causes cute aggression. Standing no taller than 5 inches, this $38 small succulent from The Sill will bring big bursts of beautiful brightness to your beloved best bud’s bedroom.

10. Happy Family


You can’t pick your family, but for $75 you can pick this Happy Family. Help your friend get organized with this starter kit from Urbio that includes two wall plates, one string bean, one wide mouth, and a shorty.

11. Wood Bike Storage


A bike takes up way too much floor space in a tiny apartment. Unless you make your ride float. Combine form and function with this handcrafted, shesham wood bike storage that includes a shelf for keys, a watch, a water bottle, a phone, and other accessories. Order the eco-friendly wood bike storage at CB2 for $49.95. (If you need more bike storage ideas, check out our comprehensive list of stylish bike storage solutions.)

12. MakeSpace Gift Card

Let’s face it. No matter who it is—your mom, your dad, your college student, your significant other, your best friend—the truth is, we could all use a little breathing room. Give the gift of space. Prices start at $25 for 4 boxes of MakeSpace storage for one month. Each box holds 3-cubic feet of items, such as your holiday decorations when you’re done celebrating.

We may not all live in massive, multimillion dollar apartments, but with a little thought, and a lot of love, we can all have a spectacular, spacious holiday.

Makespace is more than just storage.

To find out how you can make space in your life, talk to one of our space experts. We’ll get you started with the right storage plan for you.


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