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The Best Outdoor Furniture for Terraces

The Best Outdoor Furniture for Terraces Expand options

If you’re looking to enjoy the outdoor space in your home, finding comfortable, quality furniture is a great place to start the process. Read on to find out how to choose the best outdoor furniture for terraces.

You want an area where you can lounge, relax and catch some sun, which means it’s important to find patio furniture suitable for your lifestyle. You can find the perfect pieces to match your personality and work with your space, and you can do it without breaking the bank.

Planning your outdoor space is just like planning any other room. It’s all about finding furniture that works for you and arranging it in a way that makes it welcoming.

Cozy furniture

A comfy couch on the patio


Comfort is key. When your terrace or patio feels inviting and relaxing, you’ll want to spend more time there. Also, details like cushions, pillows and textiles can be instrumental in creating a cozy outdoor space. So, find some seating that’s practical. If the cushions don’t live up to your expectations, replace them or make your own with a bit of personal flair.

Waterproof materials

Even if your patio has shading and coverage, it’s best to find something that can withstand the elements. This way, it can last all year long. If you find natural materials, you can usually clean your furniture yourself without much assistance or expertise. While wood can be a great idea, it can also deteriorate quicker, whereas synthetic materials like wicker and plastic are built for outdoor environments.

Storage solutions

One important element of a seamless outdoor setup is finding a place to put anything you might need—from snacks to drinks to that book you’re reading. While you can go the more traditional route and find a coffee table, you can also find a stool, bar cart or even a shelving situation to fit your needs. If you’re short on space, you can even get creative with benches and ottomans that serve additional functions. 

Shading and shelter


If your patio or terrace already has shading, you’re as good as covered. If you’re left in the sun or in storms, you’ll do well to look into shading and covering options. And, you could go for a full awning or simply find a few cute umbrellas to do the job. 

Redecorate your outdoor living space

Be unafraid to refresh your outdoor space—you can easily get the basics down and enjoy the process!


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