Minimize Your Possessions to Live a Focused Life

Minimalism has many definitions, and what it means to you will depend entirely on your relationship to material possessions. For...
By Cora Gold Oct 15, 2021

6 Steps to Get Your Home House-Party Ready

House parties are back! It’s official—the CDC says that vaccinated people can gather indoors again. Some tips on getting from WFH to...

By Kelly Green Jul 13, 2021

4 Tips to Get Your Home Holiday Party-Ready

The effort spent on prepping for a party is up to each host but, when you’re strapped for time and...

By Anna Medina Dec 04, 2019
7 Easy Tips to Throw a Major Housewarming Party (in Your Tiny New York Apartment)

7 Easy Tips to Throw a Major Housewarming Party (in Your Tiny New York Apartment)

You did it! You packed all of your belongings into a seemingly endless row of boxes, stored all your seasonal...

By Guest Author Mar 14, 2018
tray of holiday cookies next to a wooden spoon on a wooden table

How To Throw A Happier Holiday Get-Together

You don’t want to throw a holiday party where all anyone talks about is that sweet onion dip. (And truth...

By Guest Author Oct 23, 2017

Man About Town Patrick Janelle Uses MakeSpace To Party

You probably know Patrick Janelle by his wildly popular Instagram handle, @aguynamedpatrick. This charming, young graphic designer and man about town is famous for taking incredible photos on his iPhone and for his stunning backyard parties. Janelle also happens to be a MakeSpace user. When things started to heat up this summer, Patrick ordered his bin full of backyard decor so he could trick out his Nolita apartment. We sent someone along to take photos. Check it out!

By Molli Carlson Jun 25, 2014
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