Eight Fall Balcony Decorating Ideas

Some people love fall as it is a welcome break from the hot summer sun, while others are not as...
By Luke Carlino Oct 21, 2021
Ivan Zhang's elastic Hanger turns into 2 hangers with 2 loops for more clothes storage.

The Perfect Clothes Hanger For Your Tiny NYC Closet

If you’ve got a New York City apartment, chances are you’ve got a tiny closet. You’ve probably tried every trick in the book for maximizing that tiny little hole in your wall. You may even have resorted to hanging multiple pieces of clothing on each hanger. Design genius Ivan Zhang knows your pain. That’s why he invented the brilliant Hanger’ pictured above.

By Molli Carlson Aug 21, 2014

Patrick Janelle’s NYC Summer Essentials

We’ve been obsessed with Patrick Janelle’s Instagram this summer. Burgers. Parks. Skylines. Cappucinos. Staycations. Vacations. He’s pretty much the quintessential New York Instagrammer. So naturally, when he signed up for MakeSpace, we knew we had to make something happen. With a shared love of burgers and parks, we decided to have Patrick curate a bin of his New York City Summer Park Essentials.

By Molli Carlson Aug 20, 2014

Photos Of New York City From 1950 To 2000

Have you ever wondered what New York City looked like in decades past? Us too! That’s why we’ve put together this collection of photographs cataloging the evolution of the Big Apple from 1950 to the end of the millennium. Take a look and decide which eras of NYC you’d like to have lived through!

By Molli Carlson Aug 19, 2014

Finally! Furniture That Makes Assembly A Snap

If you’ve ever spent time trying to make sense of the assembly instructions for a bed or dresser from Ikea, you’ll be able to appreciate the genius of SOAPBOX‘s line of snap-together tables.

By Molli Carlson Jul 29, 2014
A green MakeSpace storage bin is packed full with jars of McClure's Pickles.

Introducing Summer Fridays At MakeSpace

Who doesn’t love a Summer Friday? To celebrate these ephemeral days of summer, we’re rolling out Friday MakeSpace appointments!

By Molli Carlson Jul 22, 2014
A green MakeSpace storage bin is full of assorted Russ & Daughter's bagels.

How Many Russ & Daughters Bagels Fit In A MakeSpace Bin?

We finally decided to find out how many of New York City’s favorite breakfast food will fit in a MakeSpace bin, and because our office is located so close to the Lower East Side institution that is Russ & Daughters, we decided to source these tasty rounds of doughy goodness from them.

By Molli Carlson Jul 17, 2014
A MakeSpace storage bin full of ramen packets

How Many Packets Of Ramen Fit In A MakeSpace Bin?

For all you college students out there, we decided to find out just how many packets of Top Ramen fit in a MakeSpace bin.

By Molli Carlson Jul 15, 2014
black-hared puppy sitting on a wood-paneled floor

MakeSpace For Puppy Love

Whether you’re adopting a dog, or just fostering the pooch until they can find a “forever” home, taking care of an energetic animal in a small apartment in New York City requires a whole lot of work in exchange for a little puppy love

By Molli Carlson Jul 11, 2014
A man is hibernating in a cryo chamber, the ultimate air conditioner.

How To Last An Entire Summer In NYC Without A/C

Summer in the city isn’t always so pretty. There’s nothing like a sweat-drenched, sleepless night on flannel sheets to make you facepalm yourself for not buying an AC unit. Even if you don’t want to spend the cash, or send your electricity bill spiking dramatically upwards, there are some measures you can take to make sure that your cozy little home doesn’t feel too toasty.

By Molli Carlson Jul 08, 2014
The MakeSpace storage bin of Ashley Albert, owner of the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in Brooklyn, NY.

How Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club Owner Ashley Albert Uses MakeSpace To Sell Her Apartment

You might think you don’t know who Ashley Albert is, but you’ve definitely heard her voice. Maybe you’ve listened to her Grammy-nominated children’s band, The Jimmies playing overhead while you strolled through a store. Or if you religiously watched MTV’s Daria as a teenager in the nineties, you might geek out upon learning that Albert was the voice of slow speaking, valley girl Tiffany Blum-Deckler.

By Molli Carlson Jul 02, 2014

How Many Otter Pops Fit In A MakeSpace Bin?

Whether you call them otter pops, freezer pops, or something else entirely, you’re definitely familiar with these classic NYC summer treats. Our office is in Chinatown, so we went to the nearby supermarket New Kam Man to source these beautiful looking pops

By Molli Carlson Jun 25, 2014
A MakeSpace storage bin full of 63 Sriracha bottles.

How Many Bottles Of Sriracha Fit In A MakeSpace Bin?

A funny thing about the internet is that it’s not very easy to get a sense of how just how big things are in the real world. We want to make sure that our customers never have to wonder about the size of our green bins, so every week, we’ll be experimenting to learn just how much of a thing we can fit into a MakeSpace bin.

By Molli Carlson Jun 23, 2014
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