How to Make the Most of Your Pantry

If you’ve been spending more time at home, you might be inspired to change a few things. Start with the...
By Kacey Bradley Aug 12, 2020
Tyler Tringas' workstation on a balcony overlooking a rice terrace.

How Tyler Tringas Uses MakeSpace To Live Like James Bond

Tyler Tringas was living out of a backpack and working off his laptop in SouthEast Asia when he had to make a quick trip back to the States to attend a friend’s wedding in Vermont. This probably sounds like a logistical nightmare, but Tyler had a plan. He landed in New York City, met a MakeSpace driver in the lobby of his hotel, unpacked his tuxedo, and went to the wedding the following morning. No sweat.

By Molli Carlson Jun 18, 2014
Photographer and MakeSpace customer Collin Hughes is bundled up in Antarctica.

Meet Collin Hughes, The Photographer Who Calls MakeSpace “Home”

Over Skype, I ask, “Do you think of yourself as a technomad or a minimalist, in terms of the way you live?” Professional photographer Collin Hughes, who has worked with everyone from Nike to Wired, laughs and then responds, “Most definitely,” as he turns his laptop’s camera from his face towards four small duffle bags in a pile on the floor. “This is everything I own right now besides what’s in MakeSpace,” he says from off camera.

By Molli Carlson Jun 17, 2014
MakeSpace street team in NYC carrying boxpacks.

MakeSpace Street Team Hits Union Square With “BoxPacks” Built By Jimmy DiResta

  We had an awesome morning over at Union Square introducing New York City to our newly launched street team....

By Molli Carlson Jun 16, 2014
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