How to Create Organizational Playtime Activities For Kids

Life gets messy, especially around the home. Organizational projects can become a family activity because they present a great learning...
By Kacey Bradley Nov 25, 2020

Man About Town Patrick Janelle Uses MakeSpace To Party

You probably know Patrick Janelle by his wildly popular Instagram handle, @aguynamedpatrick. This charming, young graphic designer and man about town is famous for taking incredible photos on his iPhone and for his stunning backyard parties. Janelle also happens to be a MakeSpace user. When things started to heat up this summer, Patrick ordered his bin full of backyard decor so he could trick out his Nolita apartment. We sent someone along to take photos. Check it out!

By Molli Carlson Jun 25, 2014
A man and a boy are on all fours, about to sumo wrestle each other.

When Goliaths Roar

MakeSpace is a small but growing startup with a mission to provide innovative and affordable storage to New York City and eventually the entire country.  Over the past couple of months, some of our largest competitors have taken notice of the new kid on the block.  For a startup, that’s both a good thing and a scary thing.  Good because it means you’re doing something right.  Scary because it means that you’re David and Goliath now has you in his sights.

By Molli Carlson Jun 19, 2014
Tyler Tringas' workstation on a balcony overlooking a rice terrace.

How Tyler Tringas Uses MakeSpace To Live Like James Bond

Tyler Tringas was living out of a backpack and working off his laptop in SouthEast Asia when he had to make a quick trip back to the States to attend a friend’s wedding in Vermont. This probably sounds like a logistical nightmare, but Tyler had a plan. He landed in New York City, met a MakeSpace driver in the lobby of his hotel, unpacked his tuxedo, and went to the wedding the following morning. No sweat.

By Molli Carlson Jun 18, 2014
Photographer and MakeSpace customer Collin Hughes is bundled up in Antarctica.

Meet Collin Hughes, The Photographer Who Calls MakeSpace “Home”

Over Skype, I ask, “Do you think of yourself as a technomad or a minimalist, in terms of the way you live?” Professional photographer Collin Hughes, who has worked with everyone from Nike to Wired, laughs and then responds, “Most definitely,” as he turns his laptop’s camera from his face towards four small duffle bags in a pile on the floor. “This is everything I own right now besides what’s in MakeSpace,” he says from off camera.

By Molli Carlson Jun 17, 2014
MakeSpace street team in NYC carrying boxpacks.

MakeSpace Street Team Hits Union Square With “BoxPacks” Built By Jimmy DiResta

  We had an awesome morning over at Union Square introducing New York City to our newly launched street team....

By Molli Carlson Jun 16, 2014

Build A Micro-Bar For Your Micro-Brews

When it comes to living in NYC, you have to get a little thrifty. The average rental price in Manhattan is over $50 a square foot! Rather than curl up in a ball on your love seat and cry, you might want to get smart about what you do with your extremely valuable space.

By Molli Carlson Jun 10, 2014
one57, a luxurious 90-story condominium building in midtown manhattan nyc

Seems Insane! ONE57 Residential Skyscraper To Charge $4,000/Sq Foot For Storage Bins

We all know that New York City is insane, but this story from The Real Deal takes the cake. Manhattan’s most talked-about luxury apartment building, One57, will be selling storage bins to its residents for $4,000 a square foot!

By Molli Carlson Jun 06, 2014
Tim O'Reilly delivering his Solid 2014 keynote "Software Above the Level of a Single Device: The Implications."

Tim O’Reilly Features MakeSpace At Solid 2014

We’re honored that Tim O’Reilly featured MakeSpace as an example of a start-up that’s rethinking how real-world things work in his talk “The Internet of Things and Humans” at the 2014 Solid Conference. O’Reilly has also blogged about us.

By Molli Carlson Jun 05, 2014
A mother is picking up her baby from a crib that's in a bathroom.

New Yorkers Resort To Sleeping Their Babies In Bathrooms And Closets

No one suffers under the insanity of this city more than parents. DNAInfo reports that parents have been basically forced to start sleeping their babies in bathrooms, closets, and any other unused spaces they can find around their tiny apartments.

By Molli Carlson Jun 04, 2014

MakeSpace, For Your Health!

Well, it’s taken an incredibly long time, but it looks like winter is finally, truly, wonderfully, superbly gone from New York City. May is pretty late to be thinking about spring cleaning, but what are you gonna do?

By Molli Carlson May 13, 2014
A cracked iPhone screen after a bad breakup.

How To Break Up In 2014

It’s 2014; we live on our smartphones, our relationships are as textual as they are physical, and as impersonal as it sounds, people actually break up over gchat. At this point it’s pretty much a cliché to send a breakup text, and in New York City, where no one has a car and apartments are in short supply, dealing with a breakup is especially hard. Here at MakeSpace, we truly want everyone to find love, but we also know that sometimes it’s just not meant to be. That’s why we’re going to teach you how to transition through a breakup in 2014, using the luxuries afforded by modern technology.

By Molli Carlson Apr 25, 2014
A white kitty cat is sleeping on a white blanket.

Purina One Cat Cafe Brings Kittens To New Yorkers Who Don’t Have Space For Pets

When we heard that the first ever ‘cat cafe’ in North America was opening just a ten minute walk from our office, we had to go. These coffee shops full of playful kitties have long been popular in Tokyo, where strict renter laws prevent most citizens from keeping pets in their apartments, but these havens for cat-lovers are seemingly perfect for New York City where lots of animal lovers can’t keep a pet in their apartment for a different reason, because they just don’t have the space.

By Molli Carlson Apr 25, 2014
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