Tiny Homes : A Trend And 5 Key Questions

Rent across New York eats up an average 37% of every adult’s earnings; more for single parents (47%) and less...
By Sarah Anderson Feb 18, 2020
An easy storage hack is storing an iPhone charger, cable, and headphones in a sunglasses case or eyeglasses case.

An Incredibly Easy Storage Hack To Keep Your iPhone Charger And Headphones Untangled

Tired of your iPhone charger, headphones, and cable getting tangled like spaghetti in your purse, backpack, or messenger bag? Try...

By Molli Carlson Feb 02, 2016
A white Apple iPhone 6 shows its homescreen apps while on a white table.

These 9 Apps Will Make Your Life Easier And Happier

Did you know that September is Self-Improvement Month? Neither did we. A quick Google search reveals that it’s a time...

By Molli Carlson Sep 11, 2015
Wirelessy charge your phone by placing it on top of IKEA's Selje nightstand.

IKEA Just Made It Incredibly Easy To Wirelessly Charge Your Phone

IKEA is releasing furniture that will wirelessly charge your phone so you never have to wage war against rogue phone charger cables and plugs again.

By Molli Carlson Apr 23, 2015
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