12 Bedroom Lighting Ideas to Create a Restful Retreat

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping, and most of us spend that time in our bedrooms. Lighting...
By Jessica Chapman Nov 23, 2021

Four Tiny BBQ’s That Are Perfect For Labor Day Grilling

Here In New York City, our friends are always complaining that there’s just nowhere to store a grill. To solve this problem once and for all, we’ve rounded up some awesome, compact barbecues that will fit in even the smallest of homes. Here are our favorites:

By Molli Carlson Aug 25, 2014

Featured User: Diana Yen And Her Bunny Cleo

We’re so, so excited to have Diana Yen of Jewels of New York as a featured user here at MakeSpace. The food stylist, cookbook author, and business woman let us take photos of one of her beautiful bins and her Instagram-Famous bunny, Cleo! (Cute bunny pics after the jump)

By Molli Carlson Aug 06, 2014
vegetables on a cutting board for cooking in a small kitchen

How To Cook In A Small Kitchen With Ease

Cooking and entertaining in your minuscule kitchen, teensy living room, and a dining room that straight up doesn’t exist can be an exasperating process. In order to keep your dinner party happy and your sanity intact, there are a few precautions to take to guarantee that you’ll always be the host or hostess with the mostess.

By Molli Carlson Jul 15, 2014

Man About Town Patrick Janelle Uses MakeSpace To Party

You probably know Patrick Janelle by his wildly popular Instagram handle, @aguynamedpatrick. This charming, young graphic designer and man about town is famous for taking incredible photos on his iPhone and for his stunning backyard parties. Janelle also happens to be a MakeSpace user. When things started to heat up this summer, Patrick ordered his bin full of backyard decor so he could trick out his Nolita apartment. We sent someone along to take photos. Check it out!

By Molli Carlson Jun 25, 2014
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