How To Tell If You Need Space [Infographic]

Happy Valentine’s Day! Until it’s not because you tripped over your significant other’s bike (even though you’ve asked him/her umpteen times to put it in storage), smashed your face into the floor (again), and are now arguing with him/her (again).

Don’t believe us?

Half of couples in the US argue over clutter. If you and your S.O. don’t, chances are you know a couple who does.

Or maybe you’re single and at home, feeling cramped in your tiny apartment.

Either way, it’s time to ask yourself: Do I need space in my relationship? Does my relationship need space? Or do I just need space, period?

Well, we can’t answer those lovely questions for you. But we did create this storage infographic to help you decide whether or not you need to MakeSpace:

A MakeSpace infographic that helps you decide whether or not you need convenient and cheap storage.

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