An Incredibly Easy Storage Hack To Keep Your iPhone Charger And Headphones Untangled

Tired of your iPhone charger, headphones, and cable getting tangled like spaghetti in your purse, backpack, or messenger bag? Try this incredibly easy storage hack and that’ll never happen again:

Step 1
Unplug your iPhone cable from its USB adapter.

Step 2
Wrap the iPhone cable using the coil-wrap method to prevent the cable from degrading (fast forward to 1:11):


Step 3
Pack your EarPods in their original case from Apple (fast forward to 0:27):


Step 4
Store everything in an eyeglasses case or sunglasses case for protection, toss the case in your bag, and boom — you’re all set. No more cord spaghetti. Ever again.

Shoutout to Stephanie Holmes at How To Live Life In The Suburbs for making transporting and storing our iPhone headphones, cable, and adapter a zillion times easier.