Shower-in-kitchen apartment at 27 Orchard Street in Chinatown, New York City.
Seems Insane! Tiny Shower-In-Kitchen Apartment In NYC Goes Unrented Expand options

In depressing news, nobody rented the infamous shower-in-kitchen apartment in NYC’s Chinatown.

The New Yorker reported that the tiny apartment’s real estate agent, Lorence Dippolito, delisted it because “most of the interest was just real-estate rubbernecking.”

What a shame.

Who would pass on the only kitchen in New York City where you can wash your veggies, and yourself, at the same time?

Who would pass on having a fridge stuffed in a closet because the shower stole the fridge’s home?

Who would pass on the opportunity to have a bedroom that only fits a bed?

And most importantly, who would pass on renting what Curbed called “the saddest apartment in all of New York City” for a low $1,795/month? That’s $405 less per month than a similar apartment for rent on the same street according to PadMapper.

Only an insane person would pass on Unit 14 at 27 Orchard Street.

Only an insane person …

Kramer from Seinfeld is in a shower washing lettuce and talking on the phone.

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