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How to Plan a Cross Country Road Trip When Moving Long Distance

How to Plan a Cross Country Road Trip When Moving Long Distance Expand options

Road trips are a great way to see new things and create unforgettable memories, especially with loved ones. If you’re moving long distance, there’s no better time to plan a cross country road trip. Turn an inconvenience into an adventure by planning an unforgettable journey full of exciting sights and stops.

Create a Budget

Moving long-distance can be expensive. Be sure to research the steps involved and what you can expect to pay. Call at least three long-distance moving companies and compare quotes to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Or calculate how much it would cost to rent a moving truck. And don’t forget to account for costs associated with a long-distance trip.

Costs you may encounter on a road trip include: Gas, Tolls, Food, Hotels

To reduce expenses, bring along camping gear and stay in state parks instead of hotels. Or shop for food in grocery stores instead of going out to restaurants.

Map the Route

You have point A and point B. A road trip is all about the journey in-between. Use a GPS to determine the best way to travel. Then, using that route as a guideline, plan where you want to stop and what you want to see.

Your schedule will likely dictate your road trip. Do you have plenty of time to take detours and wander around? Or do you need a direct approach that saves time? Either way, map your route ahead of time. And be aware that unexpected detours can always happen, so it’s important to have a back-up plan.

Plan Your Must-Sees

You have your route. Now, where you do want to go? If you’re planning to head from Maine to Florida, why not stop in the Big Apple to see the longest running show on Broadway or take a ride up the tallest building in the United States, One World Trade Center? Or you can discover the weirder side of NYC with attractions like the whispering gallery at Grand Central Terminal.

If your trip is taking you west, break up the drive through the desert with some interesting destinations. Learn more about the country’s infamous UFO sightings with a stop at the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, New Mexico. Or visit Nit Wit Ridge, a historical landmark in Cambria, California.

Prepare Your Car

A cross country road trip will put a lot of miles on your car. You don’t want to be stuck in an unfamiliar place with a broken down car. Make sure your automatic steed is up to the challenge by taking it to a mechanic beforehand. A professional will check tires, wiper blades, belts, oil levels and more to ensure everything is in proper condition.

If you have more than one vehicle, consider which would be best for the trip. A newer car may have better fuel efficiency but may not do well on rugged terrains, such as the mountains of Colorado in winter. An SUV may be a better option to hold everyone more comfortably.

Pack Accordingly

Packing for a long-distance move can be tedious. But you also need to consider how to pack for a road trip. Make sure you have essentials and must-haves along for the ride. Create a list of everything you need to ensure you’re ready on moving day.

Road trip essentials include items like: Map, First Aid Kit, Bottled Water, Jumper Cables

You can also bring items to make the journey more enjoyable, like pillows, blankets, CDs, portable DVD players, snacks and much more.

Download Helpful Apps

Use helpful apps to plan — and survive — your road trip and long distance move. Google Maps is great for planning out your route and ensuring you don’t take a wrong turn. Once on the road, you can use GasBuddy or Fuel Buddy to find the lowest prices on gas while on-the-go.

Are you getting bored with the drive? Turn on Spotify to enjoy some road-worthy tunes. Use Roadtrippers to discover nearby hidden attractions you’ve never heard of, like the world’s largest rocking chair or most giant ketchup bottle. And hop on iExit to discover the amenities waiting at the next exit.

Moving Long Distance? Plan a Road Trip

Don’t waste a long-distance move by taking a flight from one city to the next. Instead, have an adventure by planning a road trip with your family. Once you’ve established the best route, you can decide where you want to stop and what you want to see. With helpful apps, you can even discover unique attractions you’ve never heard of.

What are you waiting for? Turn your move into an unforgettable experience by planning a cross country road trip.


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