Hailing from Venice Beach, CA, Parachute CEO Ariel Kaye uses her MakeSpace bin for NYC storage.
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How Parachute CEO Ariel Kaye Uses MakeSpace

How Parachute CEO Ariel Kaye Uses MakeSpace Expand options

Ariel Kaye typically sleeps at one of three places: her home in Venice Beach, California, her beach bungalow office (also located in Venice), or across the country at her sister’s apartment in NYC. Regardless of where the Founder and CEO of Parachute slumbers, two things remain constant:

1. Ariel optimizes her sleep and wellness with the help of MakeSpace.

A half hour before bed each night, Ariel turns off all technology and mobile devices. This not only relaxes her body and mind, but prevents blue light from keeping her awake.

After long startup hours and squeezing in a SoulCycle or yoga class, it doesn’t take long for Ariel to drift off, especially considering she’s in the business of quality bedding. Parachute offers premium bedding at an accessible price — from sheets to duvet inserts — to enhance your sleep. Designed in Los Angeles, made in Italy, and shipped directly to customers, her company makes buying bedding as easy and enjoyable as your best night of sleep.

Parachute Founder and CEO Ariel Kaye, who is a MakeSpace NYC storage customer, is sitting on a made bed.

Ariel even has Parachute bedding on deck when she’s not in Venice Beach, and that’s because MakeSpace is her pop-up bedroom.

“I’ve been storing my belongings at my sister’s place in Union Square,” Ariel told us, “but she’s been begging me to move my stuff out because as we all know, every square inch of a New York apartment is precious. So I scheduled my first MakeSpace pickup!”

We’re storing basically everything that Ariel needs to comfortably travel and sleep anywhere: her bedding, pillowcases, books, cashmere throw, mug, water bottle, tiny fan, desk lamp, posters, parka, umbrella, Parachute tote bag, and FRENDS Taylor headphones for when she’d like Stevie Wonder to serenade her.

But that’s only until she dips back into NYC to meet with various brand partners and boutique hotels, to attend trade shows like the Architectural Digest Home Design Show, or to visit her sister (who now has more space in her apartment). At which point, Ariel can simply schedule a MakeSpace delivery to have her pop-up bedroom and MetroCard (yep, we’re storing that too) appear at her door.

2. Ariel maintains a cozy and clean aesthetic, also with the help of MakeSpace.

“My aesthetic is a blend of rustic and modern design,” said Ariel. “I prefer natural, earthy tones, and I try to bring the outdoors inside as much as possible. I love when homes have extensions into the outdoor space for cooking and lounging. I don’t need much space, but I love to feel like I’m escaping.”

Escaping happens often for not just Ariel, but also for her employees. They work in a converted beach bungalow and showroom, both of which are just steps from the sand. Their headquarters is an extension of the clean, luxe, well-styled, and timeless brand that they work hard to cultivate.

The outdoor fire pit at Los Angeles-based Parachute in Venice Beach, CA.

Parachute's Venice Beach, Los Angeles office in California has a bedroom inside where employees can sleep.

Parachute's office patio in Venice Beach, CA.

The mid-century modern seating area of Parachute's office in Venice Beach, CA.

Whether Ariel is in her house, in her office, or in her sister’s apartment, she considers all three to be home — a home in which she enjoys “a clean space that’s cozy and inviting, where everything has a place without it feeling overly curated.”

Sometimes that place is MakeSpace, not just for Ariel, but for her employees too. “There are a few more people here at Parachute who also use your convenient storage service and they rave!” gushed Ariel.

Parachute’s office images are courtesy of The Nest.

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