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Organization Tips to Keep Your Restoration Project in Order

Organization Tips to Keep Your Restoration Project in Order Expand options

Restoring a rental property makes it more marketable and more enjoyable for future tenants or guests. People want to live in a welcoming, updated home environment. Outdated blueprints or installations will turn people away, but they can also seem like large projects that could be too much to handle. Use these organization tips to keep your restoration project in order and save time while upgrading your home.

1. Research Your Project Extensively

No home project will go well without extensive research. Take your time reading about every step you’ll need to take to finish the project on your own or with a team. If you need to repair the house’s foundation, your home will be less safe if you unknowingly skip steps like lifting the existing foundation with concrete piers. You’ll know which step comes next if your research explains what to do and why the work is so important.

2. Use a Designated Planner

Planners are a crucial part of scheduling your restoration project. As you browse potential home renovations and updates, review the different types of planners to find the best one for your organizational preferences. A monthly calendar might be more helpful if you’re concerned about scheduling, but a bullet planner will give you space to sketch alongside your notes. Creating a calendar in a planner will keep your restoration project in order because you’ll know if things start falling behind schedule.

3. Find a Hardbound Notebook

More extensive renovations will take more time and work. Making notes throughout your experience is one of the best organization tips for restoration projects. When people want to restore something significant like a vintage car, they record their thoughts in a notebook to find out what’s going right and what needs more attention. You’ll always know where to pick up on your project when a new day begins and have a useful source for reflection if you want to recreate the work in the future.

4. Record Your Daily Progress

Even if you only have fifteen minutes each day to work on your restoration project, record your progress in your notebook or planner. Looking back on your entries will show you if the same problems are delaying the final results, like starting late or making recurring trips to the store for tools. Use your entries to identify issues and find solutions. Restoration projects of all sizes will feel much more manageable with organized and recorded thoughts.

5. Label Every Loose Piece

You may need to take part of your rental home apart to start or finish a project. It’s easy to forget which pieces go where, so look into labeling methods and organize whatever you need to remember. Labeling a plastic bag of screws with where they go and how many you found will give your future self a helping hand when you need to put everything back together.

Keep Your Restoration Project in Order

Try these organization tips to keep your restoration project in order, even before it begins. Taking careful notes, labeling loose parts and planning every step in a calendar will make the work much easier to handle and more time-efficient.


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