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New Beginnings: How To Build A Custom Home For Your Growing Family

New Beginnings: How To Build A Custom Home For Your Growing Family Expand options

The thought of building a custom home for your family requires a lot of planning and focus especially since you will be living in this house for a very long time. If it is only you and your wife at the time, you will have to consider how many kids you both want to have and any other factor that will make you always happy in your new home. These considerations and of course the comfort of the house are important to achieve that dream custom home. Let’s see how you can plan this project.

Have a look at your budget

This is supposed to be the starting point. In fact, the decision to build your custom home should be down to how much funds you have because it is a very cost-intensive project. You will have to purchase land and then build. A particular land size could be costlier or cheaper depending on the location. So, your budget is a major determinant when you want to choose a location because if the land is costly, other building materials and things to buy in general would also be costly in that location. Planning with a budget will help you know what you can afford and guide you not to make some unnecessary spending.

Build to your family’s taste

One mistake people make is that they want to go with the standard layouts and hope that it will work for them also. If you are going to embark on probably the biggest personal project ever, you need to make sure that you do it to your taste and your family’s. You need to imagine yourself and your family living in the house and that way, you will be able to think of just what you need and the important features and structures that will set your home apart from others.
Since you are building a custom home, you can fulfill that dream of having a home gym. Make the plan so it fits an extra space for the gym and for the machines that you need. Get some used gym equipment and create the home gym you always wanted.

Consider a good location

A good location is more than just choosing a beautiful environment. There are so many other things to consider that will affect your family in one way or the other. Remember that this will be your house and it is not some rented space that you can leave if things are not favorable. Important things like how close you are to your workplace, if there are good hospitals around, and if there are good schools for children around matter a lot when considering a good location. Else, you may find yourself driving through long distances to get to places you must go to almost every day.


Apart from building a beautiful house, you also design it to serve a purpose for your daily activities and provide an exciting aura throughout the house. For example, the bedrooms need privacy so they should be away from communal areas. The toilets and living rooms should be easily accessible to everyone in the house. The kitchen should be structured in such a way that it leads to the living room. The functionality in the layout of your home should be your main priority. So, choose a home design that will suit your family’s needs.

Choose the professionals to help you build

You can have a good plan of what you want to build on paper and still get disappointed with the eventual output if you get the wrong people to do the job. It is advisable for you to get the services of custom home builders. There are quite a number of professional home builders in the United States if you are building there. Depending on the location you are looking at, you can easily search for them online. For example, if you are building in Sacramento, you can search for a custom home builder in Sacramento online and you should get a good deal among the options available to you.

Consider safety

You need to be sure that where your custom home will be is safe for your family. You need to make inquiries about the location. Is it always peaceful? You also need to know if the streets and sidewalks seem safe for kids on their bikes or skateboards. A planned community would have already taken care of these issues, so if you build in such a community, you will not have much to worry about. Build your home in a location that will be safe for outdoor activities.

Make plans for workspaces

You need to remember that there may be a need to work from home in the future if you are not already doing that. Including that in your plans means that your home building will have another room very away from the rest with the windows facing where the sun rays can pass through. This is because a typical home office is supposed to be well lit naturally and away from any disturbance. The furniture in this particular room should be ergonomic so that you will be comfortable if you have to work for hours.

Final word

A well-built custom home will bring happiness to your family. It will set you back some hundreds of thousands in dollars, or even millions. However, it will be worth it as it is your permanent home and you will want to make it ever interesting to go back to when you go out. Wishing you the best as you follow these tips while considering a new home for your family.


Amelia Miller is an Interior Designer. She often shares her advice with different companies. Amelia strives to design unique interiors that will have a positive impact on her clients’ lives. Amelia is passionate about home decor, and colors.

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