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Minimalist Home Design Ideas to Upgrade Your Space

Minimalist Home Design Ideas to Upgrade Your Space Expand options

Do less — that’s the motto of the minimalist home designer in you. Still, there are always changes you can make to upgrade your abode. Even simple swaps with minimalist flair can have a huge impact. After all, the aesthetic always looks clean, modern and expensive, even at its most budget friendly.

So, consider the following seven upgrades inspired by the minimalist style. Implement one, a few or all of them and watch as your entire space transforms into its sleekest version ever:

1. Install Light-Colored Floors…

A home with ornate or heavy, dark-colored floors doesn’t quite fit with a minimalist aesthetic. So, start your upgrades by swapping out your flooring for something lighter and airier. In most cases, a home designed in this style will feature polished concrete or lightly stained wood floors. You might also like a cream- or neutral-toned tile. And, if none of those options fit the budget, a vinyl faux wood could still work.

2. … And Paint Your Walls, Too

To make the most of your new floors — or if you can’t afford such a big renovation – consider swapping your painted walls for a more muted hue. Most minimalists will opt for something neutral and bright, such as tan, white or gray. Once you swap out a bolder shade for a more minimalistic one, you’ll see just how much it can upgrade your space, aesthetically speaking.

3. Harness Natural Light

We’re harping on about brightness, but that’s because it plays a huge part in a minimalist aesthetic — what’s simpler than sunshine? If you have the budget, your minimalist makeover might mean that you install new windows as sources of this gorgeous, all-natural accent. Smaller budgets might have you removing blinds and curtains or, at the very least, opening them during the day. Once your space floods with natural rays, you’ll see just how much fresher and airier it all looks.

If you want to amplify the effects of your newfound natural light, install a few mirrors in your space, too. Round mirrors count as one of the top minimalist trends that can upgrade a home. But mirrors serve a functional purpose, too — they reflect and, therefore, multiply the amount of sunlight that your home gets.

4. Swap Out Light Fixtures

To that end, you can’t have a minimalist home with traditional or otherwise ornate light fixtures. If any of your overhead lamps fall into this category, then you need to find something simpler. Most minimalist homes will rock track lighting or pendant lights. You can also install geometric or simple wall sconces, too. With clean silhouette, though, you can feel free to choose the finish that looks best with your home’s interior. Gold, silver, bronze, rose gold… the choice is yours. And, regardless of what you choose, the added light and style will make your space seem more stylish than before.

5. Try a New Garage Door

Your minimalist stylings don’t have to stay indoors. In fact, some home facades have a simple, contemporary style, and you can accessorize those clean lines with a new garage door. In most cases, you’d choose a model that comes in steel, wood or aluminum. From there, you’ll want to make sure that the design exudes sophisticated simplicity. You can get such a vibe from the door’s color and embellishments. In terms of the latter, the fewer, the better.

6. Step Up Your Stairs

Back inside the home, you could also trade in your traditional, run-of-the-mill stairs for something much more minimalist. And, if you choose such an upgrade, you’ll see that a newfound piece of architectural detail can completely transform a space. In short, your new minimalist stairs will become a focal point of the room in which you place them.

To match your minimalist style, be sure to choose one of the sleeker staircase options out there. You might find a set of steps with glass panels or steps with no backs. Floating stairs also create that airy, simple aesthetic that minimalists want.

7. Scope Out Multipurpose Furniture

Finally, you should seek out as much hidden storage as possible. Excess clutter would ruin your minimalist vibe, after all.

So, many home designers inspired by this style will seek out multipurpose furniture. A new dining room bench might lift open to hide seasonal decor or linens, for example. Your multipurpose furniture can reduce visual clutter, too. If an old dresser can serve as the living room TV stand, then you’ve got storage and display functionality in one piece.

Take things even further by making your furniture a focal point. Add pops of color or interest with fun hardware, stains and upholstery. Of course, you don’t want to go too wild — you’re a minimalist, after all. But a bit of pattern or color can make things funky without overwhelming the space.

Less is More

The minimalist style, when done right, can transform any abode into a breezy, expensive-looking space. The above tips will get the ball rolling to help you upgrade and transform your home into a minimalist haven. And, once it’s done, you’ll truly understand the old adage, “Less is more.” Because, in design, sometimes it really is.



Kacey Bradley is the blogger behind The Drifter Collective, an eclectic lifestyle blog that expresses various forms of style through the influence of culture and the world around us. Along with writing for her blog, she has written for sites like U.S. News, SUCCESS, Guides for Brides, Hotel Online and more!

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