Meet the MakeSpace Seasonal Closet

Meet the MakeSpace Seasonal Closet Expand options

If you’re low on closet space, you’re not alone! 60% of Americans say they regret throwing things because of space constraints. And almost 90% of us need more space to declutter and store seasonal items. 

Enter the MakeSpace Seasonal Closet. Say “bye for now” to bulky seasonal items—instead of getting rid of them for good.

MakeSpace Seasonal Closet

It’s an affordable way to add an extra closet to any NYC apartment. Store your winter stuff for summer and swap when the weather changes. For only $29/month, MakeSpace will pick up your winter stuff, store it, and then bring it back when you need it again. Green bins and 2 free pickups included!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to a smooth seasonal closet swap: 

1. Round up your winter gear

Gather your winter stuff (think ski pants, puffer jackets, comforters, etc) and pack it all up in your free MakeSpace bags (we’ll send them to you pre-appointment). 

2. Schedule your first free pick up

On the day of your scheduled appointment, our SpaceMakers will pack your MakeSpace bags (filled with your winter stuff) in our MakeSpace bins. And then off it goes to our secure storage facility. Pro-Tip: Once your off-season stuff is in storage,  you can view what you’ve stored through the MakeSpace in-app photo inventory. 

3. What fits in a bin?

MakeSpace bins are 3 cu.ft. Dimensions = 27″ l x 17″ w x 12.5″ h 

So, what exactly can go in one bin?

A MakeSpace bin filled with winter items
6 sweaters + 2 jackets (that you love, but won’t use for the next 6 months)

5 sweaters + 2 boots (you want gone…for now)

1 puffer jacket + 2 pants + 5 scarves (that are taking up the entire closet)

Based on your winter items, you can choose to store up to 5 bins for $29/month or up to 10 bins for $39/month. 

P.S. : This is a limited time offer—available in NYC and surrounding areas only. 

3. Mark your calendar for the next swap

Set your alarms and mark your calendars to reverse the routine for your wintertime swap. Once summer is over, you can schedule your second free pickup. We recommend a pre-winter swap in six months. That way, you can have your summer stuff picked up and winter gear delivered. 

Get started at

Happy seasonal swapping!

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