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Learn from Experts: Color Schemes for Christmas Decorating

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Learn from Experts: Color Schemes for Christmas Decorating Expand options

With Christmas just around the corner, it is time to take out the stored decorations which have been taking up precious cupboard real estate and get ready to make your home festive and fun for the season ahead.

It is forgivable if you feel like Christmas has caught you out yet again with its Ready Steady Sell arrival. One minute you are on the roof installing gutter protection for the upcoming winter, the next minute, you’re installing Christmas lights.

If you are not feeling in the festive spirit just yet, don’t stress, as many of us feel the same. Maybe it’s the challenging year we have all been through that has dwindled your Christmas spirit.

Or perhaps it is just the accumulation of aging decorations you have that is lacking in the inspiration department.

Whatever the reason, maybe it’s just time to mix up your Christmas Colors in 2021 and find a new Color Scheme for Christmas Decorating.

Color Schemes for Christmas Decorating in 2021

Traditionally, red and green have been the Christmas color of choice; and it still is for many. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t add our own flavor and choose other color schemes for Christmas decorating.

Here we have listed some color schemes for Christmas Decorating alternatives that may be precisely what you need this year to reignite the Christmas cheer.

Red and Green – Keeping things traditional

Ok, so let’s not disregard red and green altogether. Red and green have been Christmas’s color for hundreds of years, and the combination does scream festive season.

So before we pack away our red and green decorations, think about the nostalgia the colors bring to us and maybe just maybe, red and green remain the color scheme of choice for yet another year.

Red and Gold – Traditional glam

Rose and gold are another traditional color scheme, especially when it is splashed around the dining room. A nice warm red with touches of gold adds sophistication to the table setting and festive vibes throughout the home.

And let’s face it, gold baubles are just the best Christmas decorations. So maybe traditional glam is the go-to in 2021.

Orange – When used cleverly

Let me guess, your first thought is, “orange, are you serious?!” That’s understandable; that was ours too. But believe it or not, when used cleverly, orange just works.

Orange doesn’t get a lot of love when it comes to decorating, but it works well in many different color schemes. Warm oranges look lovely with the forest green of the Christmas trees, and while a brighter orange is riskier, it can add some much-needed life to the room.

Silver and Green – Scandi Christmas decor

The silver and green combination gives just as much as the more traditional and opposing red and gold Christmas decorating color scheme. It is what is considered Scandi Christmas decor and offers a simplistic and chic aesthetic.

The silver encompasses the frost and snow of a white Christmas, while the green sticks to the traditional warm colors we think of. Together it gives a lighter yet charming Christmas feel.

Pastels – Contemporary and charming

If your personality does not crave the over the top color scheme that comes with Christmas decorating, maybe satisfying pastels are your thing. It delivers a festive vibe without detriment to your home color scheme.

The contemporary look is charming, with the frosty chillness of pale blues, whites and greys balanced with the prettiness of pastel pinks, yellows and greens. And as a tip, don’t be scared to add a touch of gold and silver.

Black and Red – Gothic Christmas cheer

Black and Christmas don’t really ooze festive joy, especially when it reminds you of the lump of coal for misbehaving legend. However, it can work very well in the right setting, especially with a bright red to contrast it.

A dark and moody vibe on a cold winter’s night with blazing fire and a scattering of Santa Claus red in the form of baubles, ribbons and stockings offers a gothic Christmas cheer. Perfect for a hot Christmas nutmeg.

Pink – Pretty and palatable

Pink is just prettier than red. Pink is softer on the eye and is perfect against dark home decors and the dark shade of the Christmas tree.

Keeping with the pretty theme, adding pink ribbons to a Christmas tree offers a pleasant and easy decoration that may not work with bolder colors. It also helps to have pink home accessories like cushions and throws to bring your home and Christmas color schemes together.

White, Cream, Tan and Brown – Natural and neutral

Ok, we won’t lie; natural and neutral is definitely not what comes to mind when we think of Christmas decorating. Traditionally, Christmas should be anything but neutral, but times have changed.

Creams, browns and beiges do look pleasant together and make for a beautiful dining setting. And by adding a few natural elements, like pine cones, wicker, and plants, your nature and neutral Christmas will look stunning.

The small details like centerpieces, candles, and bonbons, are crucial to ensure we don’t lose the Christmassy feel.

White – White Christmas

Ok, so just a warning. A white color scheme for Christmas decorating can be the most beautiful of all; however, it can also come across as clinical and dull if not done correctly.

The benefit of a white color scheme is that it suits almost any style you are going for and offers that magical white Christmas vibe. If you opt to use just white as your Christmas decorating color, be sure to add plenty of textures and varying decoration sizes.

Choose your color scheme and own your Christmas

So here we have listed some wonderful color schemes for your Christmas decorating, all of which provide different Christmassy vibes. Take your time to choose a color scheme that suits your personality, home decor and Christmas decorating aspiration.

Whether you decide to stay traditional, want to make things chic and contemporary or take a chance with some risky yet stunning color, remember the decision is yours. So get decorating in your color scheme of choice; you can’t go wrong.


Luke Carlino is a freelance writer & social media manager from Melbourne, Australia. He works with many clients across many sectors creation a range of content to suit varying needs. He is also a musician in the band We Move Like Giants, which you can check out here.

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