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Invite Nature In With 6 Incredible Indoor Plants

Invite Nature In With 6 Incredible Indoor Plants Expand options

We all feel more at peace when taking a walk in the great outdoors, whether it’s just a short one to your local park, or a full day out hiking a mountain. All the beautiful outdoor greenery that brings you so much relaxation doesn’t have to stay outdoors, though!

Many people are introducing more plants into their homes and are seeing plenty of benefits from improved air quality, decreased stress levels and even lowered background noise from busy roads outside. 

Here are six incredible indoor plants which you can introduce into your home, to create your very own slice of nature in your living space.

1. Devils Ivy

Robert Woods, creator of Fishkeeping World, loves creating aquascapes which introduce a slice of nature to the home in a very different and unique way. Aquascaping is an art which uses plants to create beautiful scenes in a fish tank. 

One of the best ways to do this is through a paludarium which includes a mixture of half land plants, and half water species. One of his favorite plants to use in a paludarium is Devils Ivy. 

Devils Ivy is one of the plants that was studied in NASA Clean Air Study and has been proven to improve the air quality in your home. 

It has heart shaped satin like leaves, and prefers a light spot, yet not in direct sunlight. Also known as Pothos, this plant is great for beginners as it’s pretty much impossible to kill.

2. Spider Plant

This is another great plant for beginners; it is very forgiving of being over or under watered, and it grows well in low light too. This is one of the most adaptable plants and it will survive in a wide range of conditions. 

It available in a variety of green colors and it should be kept in a bright area, yet not directly in the sun.

It you have pets; you don’t have to worry if they get curious and take a nibble because this plant is pet safe according to the ASPCA.

3. Zebra Plant

There are a couple of different types of zebra plants; the one we are referring to here is Haworthia Fasciata. 

If you love succulents, this is the plant for you. It is one the easiest succulents to grow, it requires minimal watering and grows to around 8 inches tall. 

The Zebra Plant has a unique striking look, with smooth stripy leaves. If grown outdoors, this plant will produce small white or pink flowers in the fall. 

4. Birds Nest Fern

Perfect for bathrooms or enclosed spaces, the Birds Nest Fern will thrive best on the edge of your bathtub or a ledge in your bathroom where it will get plenty of humidity and warmth. 

They shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight, so they are best placed on an east or northern facing window. 

Birds Nest Fern are true jungle plants so their compost will need to be kept moist, but not soggy.  

5. Peace Lily

If you don’t have a very good track record of looking after plants, you’ll probably steer away from delicate Lilies; however you might have more luck with a Peace Lily. 

They can survive in low light environments and only need watering once a week. They will even grow well under artificial fluorescent lights so they’re ideal for your bathroom too. 

This low maintenance house plant can reach up to 3 feet tall, making an ideal floor plant with their large bold leaves. 

6. Ficus Benjamina

If you’re looking for more of a show stopper plant and you’re not short on space, you might want to consider a Ficus plant. Also known as a Weeping Fig, this plant can grow from 3 to 6 feet tall.

This is a firm favorite amongst many people because of its tree like appearance and shape; it has a twisted trunk with dark green leaves.  

The Weeping Fig needs a bright room and dislikes being moved around. You’ll need to be a bit more on top of maintenance with this plant in comparison to other plants. It likes to be watered regularly and consistently. 

Robert has been keeping fish ever since his parents bought him his first tank at age 4. Since then, he has gone on to keep hundreds of different species and now educates aquarists through his online publication Fishkeeping World.

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