Two MakeSpace for iPhone app screens shown on two white iPhone 6.
Introducing MakeSpace for iPhone Expand options

You’ve always been able to upload and download your stuff at in just a few clicks. But starting today, you can do all that and more when you download the new MakeSpace iOS app. Easily snap and upload photos of your stuff, add descriptions, schedule an appointment, and see what you have in storage — in seconds.

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How to use the new MakeSpace iOS app

1. Schedule

Scheduling an appointment is easier than ever. We’ll bring you free MakeSpace bins to pack and come ready to take your larger items.

The MakeSpace iPhone app for storage showing the Unscheduled Pickup screen.

2. Pack

Pack your bins with items you’d like to store. Gather your larger items. Once you’re done packing, simply use the app to take photos of your stuff and add descriptions before we pick it all up.

Three different screens of the MakeSpace iPhone app for storage shown on three iPhone 6.

Remember: We pick up larger items if you live in NYC, Chicago, or Washington, DC. Don’t let your A/C units, bikes, snowboards, skis, and luggage take over your space. Just select them under “Anything else you want to store?” and we’ll pick them up.

The MakeSpace iPhone app showing the Schedule a Pickup screen with bicycle and ac storage selected.

3. See what’s in MakeSpace

Once your stuff has been processed, you can see and manage your stuff right from the app. Getting something delivered back is now always just a few taps away.

The MakeSpace iPhone app showing the My Stuff screen where you can see everything you have in storage.


Download the new MakeSpace iOS app now, and get ready to start living the spacious life.

"MakeSpace was here" written in an organized and spacious storage closet.

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