How to Reclaim Physical and Mental Space 

How to Reclaim Physical and Mental Space  Expand options

Our worlds have drastically changed in the past couple of weeks. And even if we’re maintaining social distance from one another, in many ways we’re coming together. 

While we continue to work from home and restrict outdoor activity—now, more than ever, it’s important to find joy (indoors) and reclaim our physical and mental spaces.

Reclaim Your Physical Space

6 tips to enjoy your current physical space:

1. Say bye to winter with spring cleaning

Welcome the warm-ish weather (finally) by stowing away winter gear.  MakeSpace Seasonal Closet is an offsite closet for your off-season stuff. Store your winter stuff for the summer, and swap when the seasons change.

2. Clean out the fridge

Conquer this time-consuming, but extremely satisfying kitchen cleaning task. Make space in the most overlooked, overused kitchen appliance of all time. Use these pro-tips to get the job done. 

3. Fabulous fort fun

We all made these when we were kids and forgot about them while adulting. Bring ‘em back! Gather up the string lights, cozy blankets and your favorite pillows.  Then, enjoy a movie theatre of your own. Popcorn, anyone?

4. Carve out a work cave

a clean work station


Since most of us are hunkered down working from home, take some time to create an enjoyable  and productive work station. Check out these tips for some inspiration. 

5. Lay out the blueprint for your dream home

Draw it, sketch it, dream it! This is a fun visual exercise. Involve your family members or roommates (only the ones you’d like in your dream home).

6. Take up a cooking challenge 

three different kinds of lentils


After being glued to work and mobile screens all day, take a break. Open the fridge and whip up a recipe with the first five ingredients you see. Enjoy this fun, resourceful way to create a meal. 

Reclaim Your Mental Space

With physical quarters conquered, here are 6 ways to create some mental space:

1. Begin your journaling journey

A journal against a wooden backgorund


They say talking to a piece of paper is therapeutic. Try it for yourself. Write it down, revisit it in a few years, enjoy the positive effects!

2. Get into a solo dance/yoga party 

a girl in a yoga pose on a mat

Join a virtual yoga livestream or play your favorite track and rock it out (even if it is in your own living room). 

3. Video call that friend 

We all have that family member or friend we’d like to talk more to but, just don’t find the time. Take 10-15 mins to call them and say “hey”! 

4. Plant the positivity

a plant next to a watering can


It’s the perfect weather to enjoy the mental and physical benefits of gardening. Head here to learn how to start small and develop a green thumb

5. Old school letter writing 

Put those thoughts to paper. Pick 5 of your favorite people and write them thoughtful letters. Then, snail mail them—old-school style. You’ll feel great and they’ll feel loved. It’s a win-win!

6. Spa day (at home)

bath tub with candles and lowers on the side

Splurge time on self-care. Put on relaxing music, light up some candles and draw a bath/bucket to dip your toes in. Try this at-home facial by the facial experts at Heyday. Enjoy!

There’s no doubt that these times are unique. But a little physical and mental space can help you get through it all and have fun while doing so.

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