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How to Plan for Daylight Saving Time

How to Plan for Daylight Saving Time Expand options

On March 8, we’ll spring forward and set our clocks an hour ahead. Most of us dread this shift because it means that we have to wake up earlier. Did you know that Daylight Saving Time affects us in other ways? 

While our circadian rhythms hit a period of adjustment, so do our electricity bills. 

Is Daylight Saving Time Energy-Efficient?

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When leaders implemented Daylight Saving Time in the early 1900s, they believed that this change would save energy. Households didn’t need to turn on their lights until much later in the day. Of course, this idea made sense when people still relied on candles and gas lanterns. Since then, most Americans have turned to energy-efficient light bulbs.

In some ways, Daylight Saving Time does make a difference. Now, however, there are other components at play – like air conditioning. On top of that, research on the subject varies across the country. While this switch can save you energy, you’ll likely need to take measures to see a real impact. 

Strategize The Sleep Cycle:

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Daylight Saving Time influences your body’s internal clocks because you lose an hour of sleep. To make sure that you’re ready for this inevitable change, take a look at these handy tips:

  • Start now: A few days beforehand, you’ll want to go to bed a little earlier. You should also plan to wake up sooner than usual.
  • Don’t take naps: If you rest in the middle of the day, you risk a bad night’s sleep.
  • Take in sunlight on Sunday: It’s helpful to sleep in on Sunday and wake up naturally in a sunlit room.

While there’s not too much you can do ahead of time, these tricks can make the transition easier.

Take the Right Approach to Daylight Saving Time

Next week, we’ll have to adapt to a slightly new schedule. Use these tips to get a head start on the new adjustment. At the same time, pay attention to how you can save energy in your home.


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