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How to Pack for a Hike

How to Pack for a Hike Expand options

Sometimes we all need an escape to clear some headspace. The good news is there’s a great hike right outside your door! Here are 10 essential tips to get prepared, stay hydrated, and hit a nearby trail.

Water bottles – Staying hydrated is key, so make sure you pack enough water if you’re headed out on a longer hike.

Snacks – Protein and energy bars, as well as jerky, are filling and will give you the boost you need to finish your hike.

Layers (t-shirt, long sleeve shirts, shorts, pants, extra socks, hat) – Mountain weather is very unpredictable, so always come prepared.

Sunscreen – You can get sunburned even on cloudy days, especially if you’re hiking at higher altitudes!

SunglassesPolarized sunglasses are very important at high altitudes or when hiking through snow to protect your eyes.

Insect repellent – Keep those pesky mosquitos away on hot summer days!

Hiking poles – These are very helpful for your knees on steep ascents and descents. We recommend to carry light weight poles for ease. 

Bear spray – If your park allows it and is known for its wildlife, it’s always good to carry bear spray in the very slim chance you may run into one.

Whistle – A small item to have in hand in case of an emergency.

Band aids – Blisters are no fun, so always have some extra bandaids in tow. A first aid kit is even better!

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