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How to Organize and Save Space in Your Child’s Room

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How to Organize and Save Space in Your Child’s Room Expand options

Your child’s room gets cluttered faster than any other room, and that’s normal. However, if you live in a smaller space, the tiniest clutter can make the area look more cramped. Thus, it’s always ideal for keeping your kids’ rooms organized.

On that note, here are seven space-saving tips that can help create more space in your child’s room and make it easier to organize.

Sort and Declutter

Before figuring out what hacks and tips you can apply to save space in your child’s room, Cleaning Exec House Cleaning NYC advises that you should sort and declutter first. That way, once all the items are tucked away and sorted, you will have a better idea of what you’re working with and what system to put in place.

The challenge with kids’ rooms is that they’re small, but they often have a lot of small toys and items, so they don’t have enough storage space. When you declutter first, you can easily plan out how you will work through that organizational challenge.

Go Vertical

Since there’s limited space for storage, you should make the most of whatever space there is available. Opt for vertical storage instead of getting solutions that take up the limited floor space. It’s a space-saver, but it gives you more storage space as well.

Aside from that, vertical storage allows you to hide away some items out of the reach of your child so that you can be strategic with it as well.

Clean the Desks and Drawers

While organizing your child’s room, make sure to go through the cabinets, drawers, and desks. Clean out these drawers and clean the inside of the drawers and get rid of any unnecessary items shoved in those drawers.

Doing this once a month can help ensure the minimal build-up of clutter and mess on the desks and drawers.

Get Creative With Storage

Creative storage ideas are a great way to convince your child to declutter by themselves. If you want to save space and keep your child’s room organized, you need a sustainable way to do so, and getting your kid on board is a great way to do that.

Look for colorful storage pieces that look great in their room. You can even get your kids to go shopping for their storage with you so they can choose it and have an attachment to it. Multi-purpose furniture that can also double as storage is a great way to get more storage spaces in your child’s room.

Look for Double-Duty Furniture

To save space, consider bringing in furniture pieces that can also serve as storage. An excellent example would be a bunk bed with a study table beneath. That way, you no longer need to look for another space where you can place your kid’s table, chair, and coloring supplies.

Categorize and Label Your Containers

It’s a good idea to have some system of categorization for the storage containers. Adding labels to them can also help you figure out their content without having to root through each box to find the one they want.

It’s also a good idea to have different storage containers depending on the items they’re storing. That way, the things in the containers look neater than if they’re haphazardly thrown into whatever box fits them.

Shelf the Stuffed Toys

Stuffed toys are often difficult to store neatly into a closet or a box as they take more space. Instead of doing that, why not display the stuffed toys on a shelf instead. They can serve as a decorative piece in your child’s room, and if your kid wants to play with them, they’re easy to find too.

The space-saving tips listed above can help get more play areas for your kids in their room. At the same time, it should be much easier for you and your kids to keep things neat despite working with limited space. Try these out as soon as you can so that you and your child can enjoy their open and organized room.

Author Bio: Andrew Chu

Andrew is an NY-based writer who covers DIY home projects, cleaning, and organization. When not writing, he spends his time with his two rescue dogs, Jet and Rocket.

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