How to Maximize the Sunlight in Your Apartment

How to Maximize the Sunlight in Your Apartment Expand options

It’s not possible to snap your fingers and create more sunlight. You can’t change how many windows you have throughout your apartment. But, a few easy adjustments can make your space look and feel much more radiant. Natural light provides many key benefits, so it’s essential to find ways to maximize the sunlight in your apartment. 

1. Paint with lighter tones

A modern light on a wooden table against a white wall


A home that trends toward a dark color palette won’t look bright. You should paint with light shades if you want to add more airiness and vibrancy to your space. Hues like white, cream, gray and beige work as beautiful neutrals. Tones such as cooler blues and greens could be ideal for accent walls. Reds and yellows can even mimic sunshine. Use these options wherever you’d like to see increased natural light.

2. Incorporate a few mirrors

A reflective surface like a mirror can create an illusion. You’ll be able to mimic a window-like look if you hang a mirror across from or adjacent to a window. The sunlight will bounce natural light into your space. You can also buy glass or metallic furniture and art to reflect extra sunlight into your apartment. While you don’t want to overcrowd your home with these pieces, it’s beneficial to add a few to each room.

3. Remove natural obstructions

A living room flooded with natural light


There may be outdoor obstructions that limit your home’s sunlight levels. For example, tree branches or leafy shrubbery can block your windows. Ask your landlord whether it’s possible to remove those barriers. A little maintenance could create better natural light for your space. As a result, you’ll enjoy many different benefits like lower energy bills and improved mental health.

If you’re unable to remove outside obstructions, focus your efforts on other natural light tricks.

4. Avoid bulky and dark curtains

A heavy drape won’t do much for your cause. Instead, try translucent or Venetian blinds to allow sunlight to flow into your apartment. If you’d like to keep some rooms dim at night, choose curtains you can draw back. Then, you’ll be able to maximize and minimize natural light throughout your space. Use different window treatments to execute this strategy.

5. Clean lights and windows

If you don’t clean your light sources and windows, it’s harder for light to enter your space. Make sure to clean all light fixtures throughout your home—especially those you can’t easily reach. Do so about once a week to prevent dust from gathering and obscuring the light. Remember to maintain your windows for similar reasons. Dirt and grime prevent your home from being as bright as possible. 

Three clean, bright windows in a living room


Use these tips to create a bright and airy space

Your apartment doesn’t have to look dim and dull because you don’t have many windows. Instead, you can use these ideas to maximize current natural light levels. Replace heavy blinds, paint softer colors and incorporate reflective surfaces to create a more naturally vibrant setup.



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