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How to Follow Social Distancing this Thanksgiving

How to Follow Social Distancing this Thanksgiving Expand options

The COVID-19 pandemic changed many annual traditions this year. Now, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. If you still want to see your loved ones but don’t want to risk their health—consider these tips to practice social distancing this Thanksgiving. 

1. Consider smaller groups

An outdoor table setting with a roasted turkey as a center piece


For past Thanksgivings, you likely traveled to see extended family or invited them to visit. This year has to be a little different. Traveling adds multiple risk factors to potentially catching COVID-19, such as:

+ Interacting with strangers at airports

+Stopping at public places during road trips

+Meeting at-risk family members without testing first

The safest way to still see your loved ones in-person for Thanksgiving is to invite only small, local relatives. You won’t be around individuals from cities or states with more widespread infection rates, and there will be a smaller number of people in your home.

2. Space out the seating

Indoor dining is a potentially risky Thanksgiving setup. COVID-19 particles can remain airborne and travel far in non-ventilated areas. If possible, space each dinner table place-setting 6 feet apart. You can combine smaller tables to make more room if needed.

It’s less risky to eat dinner outdoors. Anyone in warmer climates can open their dining room windows or move the festivities outside to increase ventilation and clean air.

3. Take advantage of video tech

A hand holding . a phone while the phone screen shows a family call in progress.


Anyone who lives too far to see family can still attend dinner if you set up cameras for streaming. Video chat has become a critical part of life, so your loved ones will likely already have equipment at home. Stream your dinner after everyone sits down to eat or for family traditions after dessert.

4. Use a handy guide

Hosting a socially distanced Thanksgiving requires a few new steps, so use a handy guide to remember the other critical components. The best party planning guide incorporates all the traditional supplies that might slip your mind, like table linens and place-setting tips. With a little help, you’ll have everything you need. 

5. Follow things from home

Families also typically go to parades or sports events on Thanksgiving. Maybe you always drive to the local mall for the best deals after finishing your turkey. This year, it’s safer to watch events at home and shop online. Many groups make it the only option now, like how Macy’s will host its parade online and prevent in-person attendance to avoid health risks.

Connect with your family and friends

Call your loved ones and invest time in a digital meet-up. It’s been a different kind of year for all and hearing a warm familiar voice will be welcome for all parties involved. 


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