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How To Create A Cohesive Look Across Your Home

How To Create A Cohesive Look Across Your Home Expand options

Creating a cohesive look across your home is vital for the flow and personality of your condo, house or apartment. Sure, a home has to grow its own character, and home decors need to evolve as time goes by.

However, it is essential to have an idea of the vibe, style and balance you want your home to deliver, as going in without a plan can soon make your home feel unbalanced and disjointed. And once you fill your home, it is difficult to change the function and mood of it.

But don’t panic; we are here to help.

Here we have listed ten tips to consider to help you understand ‘How To Create A Cohesive Look Across Your Home’.

Fill it with love

It’s your home, so make sure it is full of things you love. Use color that you enjoy, furniture that appeals to you and themes that suits your personality. It’s better to have fewer things you love rather than filling your home with just stuff. Do not just fill shelves, counters and tables just for the sake of it.

If they are overcrowded, it usually means you have too many themes interfering with each other, and it’s time to strip them back by decluttering without minimalism. It is the same for other areas in your home, such as sofas and beds with loads of pillows and throws. They are detrimental to function and detract from the cohesion of the home, so allow the things you love to shine with the less is more mentality.

Finding your balance

Finding your balance is vital to create a cohesive look across your home as things start to be disjointed if you chop and change too much. Objects can seem out of place if the balance isn’t right, and the home’s personality can be confused or overwhelmed.

Furthermore, balancing old and new throughout the home works just fine but changing styles from room to room is not. The prior gives a sophisticated personality; the latter creates a disconnected flow. A traditional kitchen should not have a joining modern dining room, just like a rustic lounge isn’t compatible with a flashy hallway.

Choose colors wisely

Choosing your color scheme is a significant factor in creating a cohesive look across your home. It is best to choose a feature color throughout the home that suits the desired personality and then add a different color to each room.

Having fun with color in each room to tell the story of that space is great but make sure it comes with a consistent paint palette throughout the house. Your rooms do not need to match as such, but using pastel shades through bedrooms with white trims, for example, give a similar aesthetic and connect the spaces.

Flooring is not boring

Flooring is a significant factor to create a cohesive look across your home. Too much variety can make the home look unappealing and complicated, while the same flooring throughout seems a little clinical.

Choosing consistent flooring in open spaces, like floorboards, tiles, or exposed concrete, give the home its roots, while cosy spaces like bedrooms and lounges can opt for carpet if fancied. If flooring fun is wanted, bathrooms or laundry is an excellent place to do so but don’t overdo it. Better still, colorful rugs are an excellent option and a safe bet.

It’s the vibe

Decide what vibe you want to portray and follow it through. Rustic, shabby-chic, contemporary, modern, coastal, bohemian, earthy, industrial, choose your vibe and then stick with it.

Sure, there is always room for movement, but having an idea will help you decide if something will suit your home’s vibe. It will also save you money by not buying things that look out of place when you bring them through your front door.

Staying trim

It may seem a minor detail, but trims can bring a home together, so spend time deciding what trims you like. Even install sample trims and leave them in a place for a week to help consider factors like mould, profile and width. Once you decide what trims suit your style, you can put them through your home to keep your room continuity.

From window sashes and archways to architraves and cornices, find your niche and stay with the trims.

Indoor plant life

Indoor plants are a great way to create a cohesive look across your home. They connect rooms simply by putting some greenery into spaces that otherwise may not connect.

The best thing is that the plants do not have to be from the same family to correlate. They just need to be strategically placed to improve the room’s aesthetics and to survive. Plants will also help you get a good night sleep, calm your nerves, boost your mood and purify the air within the home.

Find your thing

Find your thing. Is your thing vibrant colors or exciting patterns, is it antique furniture or contemporary art, maybe it’s decorative objects or indoor plants, whatever it may be, find your thing and make it consistent through your home.

Not only does this add your personality to your home and make it a place you enjoy being in, but it also makes your home cohesive and unified.

Favorite color connector

Adopt your favorite color as your connector from room to room. Your favorite color doesn’t necessarily need to be the primary theme color of each room or the paint color; it can be a simple object or accessory.

It may be the cushions on your bed coordinating with the rug in your lounge room, or the hallway lamp matching your kitchen appliance and dinner set. Choose your favorite color and use it as little or as much as you like throughout the house to keep things cohesive.

Define your home

Defining your home layout and spaces help create a cohesive look across your home as it leaves no confusion of flow and purpose. Let a dining room look inviting, equip a kitchen to be practical, make a lounge feel cosy.

Defining areas keep relaxed areas calm and active spaces functioning, not disrupting each other and producing the optimum cohesive home flow.

That is how to create a cohesive look across your home

Whether you need to add some love and plants, fine-tune your color and balance, settle on flooring and trims or just need to choose your vibe, these ten tips above will help you.

And before you know it, you too will have created a cohesive look across your home.


Luke Carlino is a freelance writer & social media manager from Melbourne, Australia. He works with many clients across many sectors creation a range of content to suit varying needs. He is also a musician in the band We Move Like Giants, which you can check out here.

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