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How to Conquer Kitchen Clutterphobia

How to Conquer Kitchen Clutterphobia Expand options

Do you find yourself absolutely hating the idea of cooking your next meal? In such a case, rest assured that it might not be you, but a cluttered kitchen that makes you freak out, every time you decide to cook. If you can’t find your mitts because your drawers are full of clutter or if the basin is overflowing with dirty dishes, it is time to de-clutter your life.

Here are a few tips to help you fall in love with your kitchen, all over again:

Shake Down Your Kitchen

If you have crackers years past their expiry date, it is time to let them go. The same holds true for that jar of expired jam, those moldy old chips and every other expired item in your kitchen, pantry, and larder. Go through your fridge and all the shelves in your kitchen and methodically remove every food item that is unusable. This will help you a lot in decluttering your kitchen, once and for all. Always remember that clutter phobia is usually caused by the feeling of disorder that is a result of excessive clutter. So keep your trash bags handy and thoroughly disinfect the freshly uncluttered areas.

Consider Getting Plants for your Kitchen

You should also consider having plants around the kitchen but in an organized way. This way, you will be able to enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables, and sweet-smelling flowers every time you enter the kitchen. You might need an LED grow light or two in order to ensure that your houseplants grow fast and remain healthy. Such lights will ensure that your little kitchen greenhouse and its plants always welcome you to a neat and uncluttered kitchen.

Gain Instant Access to The Most Used Ingredients

If you have to conduct yoga poses every time you need to reach your favorite ingredients, it is time to rethink your kitchen shelving space. It would be a good idea to designate a specific and easy-to-reach go-to area for the items you use the most. You can use the harder to reach areas for tools and ingredients that you don’t use as much
You can create rows of neatly categorized items on shelves that are identically labeled. This way you will know exactly what is stored on which shelf. You can also group similar items in the same place. For example, you can group powdered and brown sugar together or you can place coffee, tea, and green tea close together as well.

Free up Your Kitchen Shelf Space with Various Sized Pantry Pockets

If you don’t have enough space on your shelves and kitchen countertops, it is time to use the doors and vertical walls to store your stuff. It would be a great idea to hang transparent plastic pockets behind the door (you can store them out of sight when the door is open). You can label all the pockets so you will know at a glance, just what is stored and where. It would be a great idea to store your kitchen cleaning supplies this way, especially, if you have a small kitchen and space is at a premium.

Group Similar Types of Items Together

Organizing your kitchen is all about finding everything you need – when you need it. You can do this if you know where you have stored everything in the first place. This way, you would not have to turn the whole kitchen upside down to find what you need. For example, you should keep all your knives in the same place, in a wooden stand or a set of pegs on or near the counter. You can also cluster all of your cake decorations and molds in the same place so you can find them together when you bake a cake.

Consider a General Kitchen Remodel

The most obvious way to make your kitchen family-friendly and to your liking is simply to do a kitchen remodel. This way you have complete control over how the room will look and what will be incorporated in the designs. By doing a kitchen remodel, you can change the layout of the room to fit your needs so that it will grow with you and your family, maybe even insert a few counters at a lower height so that children can join you in the kitchen while you work when they are younger.


If you take the required steps to turn your kitchen into a neat and ever-welcoming space you will really enjoy cooking there. However, you will have to make sure that all of your food items and accessories are fresh, wholesome, and unexpired. It would be a great idea to keep all of your kitchen’s counters clean and properly organized. Once you have a properly uncluttered kitchen at your disposal, you will fall in love with cooking!


Amelia Miller is an Interior Designer. She often shares her advice with different companies. Amelia strives to design unique interiors that will have a positive impact on her clients’ lives. Amelia is passionate about home decor, and colors.

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