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How to Choose Bold Colors for Your Home

How to Choose Bold Colors for Your Home Expand options

The design decision to choose bold colors for your home might be a bit intimidating at first, there’s nothing quite like a gorgeous color dressing the walls in any given area. Unique decorations and features can bring pops of color into every room.

Whether you’re looking to focus on one room in particular or paint the whole home, you can make a splash in your space one room at a time.


The heart of the home—your kitchen has so much room for creativity. It’s where you cook and eat with your family, and it’s meant to be cheerful. Reds, yellows and greens are great for this space—and they’re also the colors known to make people hungry. However, you can use any color that uplifts and makes you feel cheerful. You can incorporate sophisticated and chic decor or even create a vintage vibe.


Bedrooms are often cozy and comfortable, which means you can go for deeper bold tones like reds, purples and browns. While these colors are warm and inviting, they also make a statement. On the other hand, if you’re looking to brighten and enliven your bedroom, you can also choose sweet pastels and more subtle tones. Truly, it’s all about considering the mood you want for your space.


A blue wall with a white dress hanging in front of it


If you’re planning a whole house painting project, using beautiful colors in the hallway can be a great way to liven things up and tie everything together. You can do a lot with a hall, especially if you coordinate it with surrounding rooms. This can be a great place to balance your home, especially if you have white or light-colored rooms branching off from your hallway and you’re looking to incorporate a bit of surprise.

You can incorporate colors from throughout the rest of the home, but make them a bit more concentrated if you’re looking to pack a punch.


Traditionally, bathrooms are light and breezy. However, there’s no rule saying you can’t go bright or deep and dark. Nothing speaks pure luxury like a sleek bathroom or a luxurious vintage oasis. Go for a deep matte black or a wild cherry-red to spice things up. 

The living room

A splash a bright colors on a wall


The living room can truly be whatever you make it. It’s the space in your home where you and your family probably spend the most time, so you can go for colors that make you happier and spark the most joy. Shades that brighten up a room are often the best for common spaces, as they give a bit of life—think pastels and vibrant hues — but you can really follow your heart with this one. Go with an old favorite or find a brand new color to love.

Bold, brave and beautiful

A bright yellow wall


Don’t stick with boring colors and  let your creativity flow. Go for unconventional hues all around so you can fill your home with a personality that’s unique and refreshing.


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