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3 Steps To Easily Arrange Your Family Photos

3 Steps To Easily Arrange Your Family Photos Expand options

Now that lockdown has restricted our ability to see our loved ones, you may find yourself missing your family. While you arrange family photos, you can remind yourself of all the good times you’ve shared. It will make your house feel that much more homely. 

We’ll run through some steps on how to organize your family photos in a way that looks great. 

1. Plan, plan, plan 

a scale, and two tape measurements


Before you go begin, you’re going to need to plan your photo arrangement. 

Figure out where in your house you’d like to hang photos. And how much space you’d want them to take.

Once you know where you want to hang your photos, you’ll need to work out which size frames would suit the space best. This will largely depend on how you plan to layout your photos. It could be a jigsaw pattern of smaller picture frames, a trio of A4 portrait frames, or something else entirely. 

When you have your frame sizes sussed, trace around them on the wall using a pencil. That way, you’ll be able to visualize how they’ll look when they’re on the wall.

2. Decide On A Theme

The photos you showcase should all have a solid reason behind why you picked them. 

You can run a timeline-like montage of pictures up the staircase. Or you could only feature photos from special occasions.

After you’ve decided which memories you’d like to hang, think about how you want them to look. 

Thanks to the rise of printing technology over the years, getting even the blurriest of prints restored or resized is perfectly possible. Therefore, think about whether you’d rather show color photos in their original glory or swap them for a classy greyscale look

When sending your prints to a digital printing provider though, consider their technical specifications. While most printers will print in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black), others might work in RGB (Red, Green and Blue), which could impact the look and finish of your photos. 

3. Purchase Matching/Mismatched Frames


One of the most popular ways of showcasing your family photos is through buying matching frames. 

Even if your pictures have different looks and are framed in different sizes, it’s inexpensive to pick up matching picture frames. 

However, if you’re going for a more creative and arty look, then buying mismatched photo frames of the same color could be an alternative option. 

Rather than each frame being perfectly uniform in width and size, instead arrange your photos in a variety of styles, while using the same frame color.  

Enjoy the process

The key thing to bear in mind is organization. Generally, the more organized you are in advance, the better it’ll look in the end. 

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