A MakeSpace storage bin full of 63 Sriracha bottles.
What Fits In A Bin?

How Many Bottles Of Sriracha Fit In A MakeSpace Bin?

How Many Bottles Of Sriracha Fit In A MakeSpace Bin? Expand options

A funny thing about the internet is that it’s not very easy to get a sense of how just how big things are in the real world. We want to make sure that our customers never have to wonder about the size of our green bins, so every week, we’ll be experimenting to learn just how much of a thing we can fit into a MakeSpace bin.

Our office is in the heart of Chinatown, so to start, we asked MakeSpace users to guess how many 28 ounce bottles of Sriracha would fit in a bin. Then we hit up some local, specialty Asian groceries and cleaned them out of the chili sauce.

So what’d we find? It turns out that exactly 63 bottles of delicious, spicy Sriracha fit into a single MakeSpace bin (honestly, more than even we thought).

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